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Ciccio Mauro — 30% payment up front

I come across this company on Alibaba Uk , while I was searching for bathrooms towels & bath robe suppliers , email received from the company with all company details & VAT reg number , after few telephone conversations got a quotation for my order requirements, I have requested meeting them at their trading office LN1 1XG , to check the goods & meet them in person  they declined , insisted I have to pay 30% of the order value prior to any meeting in order to secure my order but they stated on follow email that their terms & conditions . Check the company web site all showing company active are due to to submit their financial report but one thing didn’t Sync is the guy’s action ,( no prejudice here ) sound Nigerian, once I confronted him that’s is scammer , he was rude & unpleasant . Please browse through all correspondence taken place with the scammer including Whatsapp & email

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Justin A. Moore – Dallas, Texas

This man is a sexual predator who preys on Young children who cannot defend themselves because He Is weak he has a very sick mind and is very very abuse he beats children after he molest them he has no heart for the parents of these kids what do you kids that are traumatized for the rest of their lives.

Justin A Moore
4144 N Central Expy
Dallas, Texas

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1 — PayPal refunded the buyer $379.98

We have been selling items with eBay and using PayPal for many years and this is the first experience with this happening. We had a return open with a buyer on eBay, we offer a 30 day return policy and honor it, 45 or so days after the buyer received the item. We and eBay closed the return, because of the 30 day policy. The buyer opened a claim with PayPal and we did not receive or see notice of the claim. PayPal gives buyer 100+ days to file a claim. We received a few days to review the claim and reply. Well, we did not see it until after the deadline. PayPal refunded the buyer $379.98 and did not have the buyer send us back the item. We did not receive a refund for the PayPal fees associated with this case. There is an “appeal the outcome” of this case within the closed case, but the only options are, “The buyer has already been refunded and I can provide proof of the previous refund” and “The item was returned but was not in the same condition as it was sent”. We have contacted PayPal via phone and they state that we did not respond to the case when it was open so it was closed in their favor. They say that if we had responded the case would have been closed in our favor.

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William Portuese — Seattle, Washington

I am ex-employee that is going to expose the truth about Dr. William Portuese. I’m ninety-nine percent to blame. I was taught the scam from start to finish. Okay if you go to his website you will see photos of people before and after the plastic surgery. The photos are fake and stolen off Google Images and use the software called Photoshop. I am a web developer and I did the photos for him and installed them on his website. He doubles up on money on people’s Insurance charges them outrageous fees. A lot of patients cancel their appointment because something came up and he goes head of bills them anyways and not tell them. It’s called fraud. I feel sorry for his poor wife because he’s been having an affair at work. On the weekends he’s always contacting escort services meeting up with these girls for s*x and giving them money. There is not one plastic surgeon job he’s ever done for anybody that came out perfect. If you don’t believe me ask him for proof. His excuse does not show you or tell you because of the HIPAA law. The man lies through his teeth 90 percent of the time he believes his own lies. 95% of the money he receives from the victims he uses for escort services. Now people will find this complaint it’ll be on the first page of Google people will find out the truth about him and his dirty business. Now his victims can now upload your photo and show proof of what kind of monster this man is. This monster will tell you the words you want to hear so he can squeeze that buck out of you. 95% of the good reviews about his services on Google it is written by him and his colleagues. I’m not that type of person to write a bad review on someone but I figure I’m doing the right thing and maybe this will help someone that won’t become the victim of this doctor

Dr William Portuese
1101 Madison St #1280
Seattle, WA, 98104 USA

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Aaron Jacob Greenspan owns this website and all the cheater websites.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan owns this website and all the cheater websites and all the other websites. Aaron Greenspan is a convicted stalker!

Aaron Greenspan has a current restraining order against him in a Santa Ana California Superior court because he stalks people and threatens their lives!

Aaron Greenspan stalks people. He goes onto government databases and gets their lawsuits and private lives then calls their jobs and friends and harasses and stalks people! Aaron Greenspan is a MENTALLY SICK R****D STALKER! HE SEE’S A SHRINK AND WAS DIAGNOSED WITH MENTAL ILLNESSES AND IS ON PSYCHOTIC MEDICATION!



Aaron Jacob Greenspan address.

20560 Shelburne Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44122
(216) 932-1989

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Kevin Buurma Angileri, Kevin Angileri, LIAR.

Kevin Buurma Angileri lies about people and posts false information about people online. Kevin Angileri is the owner of all these extortion websites all over the internet. He will not hesitate to ruin your life with false lies. He’s so d**n ugly that an oriental girl won’t even go out with him for more than a week.

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Jon Stancer Of Toronto Is A Useless And Worthless Musician

This is Jon Stancer ……. This guy is useless and worthless . Dudes been trying to make it and keeps getting worse each year . Sings to help find an inner voice to express his pain. Every song sounds the same. He uses people and women when he thinks they’ll get him further in his career. He’s a loser in his 50’s that try’s to ride the coat tail of musicians actually making it in this city . Bro .. YOU SUCK . Just stop . Get a real job.

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Kevin Buurma Angileri – Chandler, Arizona

Kevin Buurma Angileri DOB:6/16/1968 from Chandler, Arizona resident and child sexual predator, Angileri is known for masturbating in front of an underage boys to exposing his genitals to woman in a public parks, among other incidents. Local authorities need a better way to warn the public when a pedophile moves into their neighborhood. Angileri has most recently been linked to be on searching dating websites for victims for his perverted activities. Let’s please report any activity by Angileri in our area and get local authorities to warn the community of his actions so nothing happens again!

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1 — This is the worst company

This is the worst company I have dealt with. Steals money as auto renewal and don’t refund it. Even after requesting for refund before 1 year completion. Takes money without my consent. Wasted my time and energy. Poor escalation process.

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0 — What a scam company

What a scam company. I had transferred my website to GoDaddy. While browsing the hosting plans I chose to renew monthly rather than annually. But after a month, the price has doubled! There was no disclaimer on the website that the price was going to get higher after the first month! Once they get you on the hook, they will keep asking for more. GoDaddy is the internet mafia!

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Salisa Luster Harrison – NIGGER in LIttle Rock Arkansas filed FAKE RAPE POLICE REPORT!!

Salisa Luster Harrison is a stupid ugly. SALISA THE N****R filed a false police report claiming that both her and her mother were raped!! She’s full of s**t!! NOBODY WOULD GO NEAR HER UGLY N****R SMELLY P***Y!!

She’s just another N****R trying to extort money!.

Salisa Luster Harrison sucks D**K really good!! Salisa Harrison is just another S**T skin N****R trying to extort money out of the Kentucky police department. claiming they didn’t investigate her FAKE rape case!! What would it prove Salisa? It would only prove that you HAD c*m in you because you’re a w***e!! Everybody knows you’re a w***e and you suck d**k LIKE IT’S GOING OUT OF STYLE ON CLEARANCE!!

Salisa Luster Harrison works at the Better Business Bureau in Little Rock Arkansas.|

This dumb b***h n****r Salisa Harrison is your typical ghetto n****r, you can’t understand a word she says when she talks, she talks ghetto!!

Here’s the negro b***h Salisa Harrison’s email.

Salisa Harrison
12521 Kanis Road
Little Rock, AR 72211
Phone: (501) 664-7274

The Little Rock Arkansas BBB is pro n****r as they help support a fake lawsuit filed by a s**t skin n****r named Salisa Luster Harrison!! FAKE LAWSUIT!! FAKE LAWSUIT!! FAKE POLICE REPORT FAKE POLICE REPORT!!


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Stanley Furniture — Lousy Warranty

Received a Clementine Secretary from this company that arrived cracked on the top right. The delivery company indicated they could fix it, and I agreed. However, by the time the repair person arrived, he noticed that the hinges on the desk were too tight and this had caused the wood on both sides of the desk to crack. When he lifted the desk, wood chips fell off. After 15 days, paint on the edge of the desk were worn away. I contacted the delivery company, and was told that they would only fix the hinges, nothing else. And they indicated that Stanley would not have parts to make the repair until Feb. 2019. When I contacted Stanley to inquire about their warranty, I was told that while they have a warranty, it would not apply to me. They sent me the warranty they give to retailers and told me that I would need to go by this. I’m not a retailer. I’m a consumer. I expect a replacement, not a repair.

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