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It's so easy to become a victim. It can happen fast. Before you know it, you've clicked "send" or put your money in the mail and you're out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Scam artists work full-time at ripping you off. And after one scam bites the dust, the scam artists are ready with another one. It's no wonder so many people fall for the next generation scam. Write your experience, report fraud! — Missing the potato wedges

My husband and I ordered from door dash this evening and had buffalo wild wings delivered . When we received our order almost an hour late we were missing the potato wedges we ordered . I called door dash customer service and spoke to a representative and a supervisor they refused to have someone bring out our missing item and said they would not credit or refund us our money that they will investigate the complaint and get back to us with no ETA as to when that would be it is not OK to have us pay for an order only receive part of it and then be told we will not be refunded it may only be 6.19 of the 37.00 order but the point is we paid and if we didn’t get it we should be refunded or credited back

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Best Buy — Horrible Service

We purchased over $6,000 in appliances from this Best Buy and scheduled them to be delivered the soonest day they could, which was 5 days later. My boyfriend missed work that day to wait for them, and on the day they were supposed to deliver, they called and told us that we had not yet scheduled our appliances to be delivered… they said the soonest they could deliver was in two more days, when we were leaving for vacation. We told them the latest it could be delivered was 10 am because we had to leave to the airport at 11:30 am. They showed up at 11:30 am! which made us leave late to the airport. They couldn’t finish installing our appliances, so we rescheduled for the soonest date, 3 days later. We had someone be there, and Best Buy said they couldn’t finish because our gas was not set up… we have been using the gas… we called the gas company to confirm, and our gas was fine. We called Best Buy again several times to have our appliances finish getting installed and were on hold 3 times for over 30 minutes each time. A few days later, we were able to reschedule. A person came out and said our gas line was messed up because it stopped flowing after a few seconds of being open. We called our plumber, who came and said that it was because of the check valve that Best Buy installed… the gas works fine. We scheduled Best Buy to come back and finish the installation. When the person showed up, he said they needed more people to take the washer up the stairs. He said he would call us back to reschedule. He never did. We cannot get through to anyone again. It’s been 3 weeks. The appliances are still not installed, and we have already been billed. HORRIBLE service.

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0 — Didn’t pay me for the delivery.

I am a driver for DoorDash and on a delivery the customer gave the wrong address. In finding this out I drove the additional 15 miles to the customer under the assumption that I would be paid proper compensation for the miles. After the delivery i called customer support to ask for compensation for the miles and them to mark my delivery as completed. I was told that this month they changed their policy and they no longer pay if I have to drive out of my “range” for a delivery. They then didn’t pay me for the delivery.

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Chazney Markle Oxnard, CA is a terrorist with Antifa

Chazney Markle of Oxnard CA is a domestic terrorist with Antifa whose friends start deadly boat fires on the ocean coast.

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Square — Square will steal your money!

Don’t use Square! worst company by far!!!!! they are horrible, Absolute worst then PayPal. These people will steal your money!

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Stripe — Beware of Stripe

Stripe Unable to Communicate by Phone and then closing a business account after processing credit Card Payments. Here is a COMMENT from Representatives at STRIPE(see below email) . Now I have processed 6 payments from my reservation system through Stripe but my Business is not Good enough. Revenue last year was 200,599 with another cc processing company. Anyone looking to use Stripe YOU ARE UNABLE TO SPEAK TO ANYONE BY PHONE. Beware of this, here is another email of Stripe stating this. Hi ****** While I appreciate your diligence in continuing to work with us, due to the contents of our review, we won’t be able to look into re-evaluating this account. I wish we could have done better for your business here, however, our hands are tied. If you need any assistance migrating your customer data to a new payment processor, then feel free to let me know, and I’ll point you in the right direction. Best, ******** Hi there, My name is ******** and I’m one of the specialists working on your account. At this time, my specific team is unable to set up a phone call. I understand this is a little unusual. We’ve found that, in certain cases, it’s better when we can view a ticket as a team and respond accordingly. That said, I’d like to provide some insight into your account status.

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0 — Horrible Company

Horrible company. Basically blacklisted me from using their services for many, many years now, simply because they cannot fathom that two individuals could possibly have the same name and yet be two totally separate and legal entities. I have to pay a negative balance that is not my problem and no amount of contacting them and reaching out to them is ever enough. Lousy company. Just stay away! Find an alternate if you can. Be aware that PayPal also owns Venmo. Just food for thought.

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303-817-0397 | | Obie

He will stalk you over the phone til you see him..In the past i have asked him to leave me alone and he would not…He continues til he gets what he wants..he is not a good client at all..I’m finally trying to rid my life of him cause i can now..but calling me 3 times then sending a text in one day is a sign of not a good person at ladies stay away..far far away..fair warning..i am unsure of his height and eye color but the phone number and name go together..he might change his phone number in the future to see other ladies..beware of that..

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720-629-8594 | | Brian

He left me a message on fubar dot com..Asking if i would like to see him for 200 dimes and left his well as his phone number..I did not pursue him cause i saw the drama he created which is not needed in my life or anyone just stay away from this one..Just do not reply to him..

He told me he was divorced and works construction..

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Stripe — Avoid at All Costs

As I am writing this, I am currently looking for other payment-processors for my name. It is astonishing that a company as serious as people would ever recommend or have Stripe as one of their main payment-processors. Stripe is an extremely unprofessional and unaccredited company. They have no customer-service phone line; and basically no form of telecommunication. Most of their customer-service is automated (bots), and it is extremely difficult to find an actual representative (with experience) that is willing to investigate and help you with a particular case. Recently, I received a dispute for ‘fraudulent’ order. An order of over $550.00 that was paid, handled, and successfully processed almost 3 months ago! How is it possible, that after 3 long months, and after their own ‘fraud-analysis’ (which Stripe does on every order you receive) was cleared, suddenly the order is marked as fraudulent? Instead of helping you with the case, they make you submit evidence (which I did, and I submitted irrefutable evidence), yet they still make you wait about 1-month for a response; in which almost, 80% or more (regardless of how professional your business is) the customer’s bank will deny the dispute and you will lose your hard-earned money. What angers me the most, is that we emailed the customer, we shipped the order on time (perfect conditions, new item, boxed properly), and the customer never even communicated with us to let us know that there was something wrong with the order. Stripe is unprofessional (and I would even argue that some of their activity is illegal). They immediately put their hands on my bank, without any right, after over 2 months of an order, which was not fraudulent as the customer claimed (according to Stripe’s own fraud-analysis mechanism), plus the customer’s shipping/billing-address matched perfectly, and the address was a medical-center (we sell medical/dental related products). We will escalate this particular case with our bank, as we will not allow Stripe to illegally abuse their power and take our hard-earned money, especially when the customer has not even returned the product back to us. We will also eliminate Stripe immediately from our store. I would advise anyone that is professional, and that has been selling online for years, to look for a better and more professional payment-processor. Stripe is an absolute joke of a company.

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202-486-8916 | John R Kaboff |

He’s a mess! BB only with him and he’ll make that point clear. His profile on Rentmen is Youngdaddydc
Avoid him!

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David Brodosi, Dr. Catherine Wilkins (AKA xxxMzCatxxx): Apply for your B.S. in Medical Humanities at University of South Florida NOW!

David Brodosi, Dr. Catherine Wilkins (AKA xxxMzCatxxx): Apply for your B.S. in Medical Humanities at University of South Florida NOW!



Dr. Catherine Wilkins of Medical Humanities of University of South Florida…

This teacher is a fraud and a liar.

What will you teach my child? How to be the next generation of liars to cheat in college and cheat on their scholarships?

Teach my student how to commit adultery?

If I send my art student to USF, will you steal their art ideas, too?

Dr. Catherine Wilkins — You steal the talent of others.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins — Will you show my child how to defraud charities, just like you did?

Dr. Catherine Wilkins — Will you teach my child how to cover-up all their lies, so they can get promoted, just like you?

By example, this professor teaches others how to cheat on their scholarships, lie on resumés, lie to their professors, fake credentials, dishonestly accuse others in order to hide what they did themselves, and cover-up until they get away with their frauds. That’s a lot to teach, but Dr. Catherine Wilkins does it by example.

USF: My child deserves better than Dr. Catherine Wilkins.

Scum! Even though her fiancé is dying of cancer, Dr. Catherine Wilkins cheats “for the thrill of it.” And because she thinks she can get away with it. Plus (profit/line her pockets) by scamming charities and universities.

How can we believe anything you say?

Does not have a good record with the truth.

What is the truth Dr. Catherine Wilkins?


NEH GRANT | Judy Genshaft Honors College | Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ Actions say: When I am abusing someone, I just need to say: “I am taking care of them.” | Dr. Wilkins’ academic abuses diminish the arts and medical humanities.


Dr. Catherine Wilkins:

Should a person that has a history of academic fraud and medical patient abuse be co-leading projects and NEH grants in medical humanities?


This is an academic liability and medical absurdity that Dr. Catherine Wilkins, who has:

Lied profusely on her résumés, other funding request applications, and to university professors and other persons,


Nearly help lead to the death of a cancer patient through neglect, abuse, obstruction, and lying about care-taking and paying medical bills in attempts to steal funds or gain employment and advancement for herself,

Is co-leading projects and grants in medical humanities.

The veracity and sincerity of many of Dr. Wilkins’ statements and actions, past and present, cannot be trusted.

— — — — — —
— — — — — —

Funded Projects Query Form

Grant number: AKB-265735-19


University of South Florida (Tampa, FL 33620-9951)
Benjamin Scott Young (Project Director: October 2018 to present)
Catherine Wilkins (Co Project Director: April 2019 to present)
Medical Humanities in a Global Context

Implementation of a new general education pathway in the Honors College that would integrate the humanities into the institution’s medical and global programs.

The Honors College at the University of South Florida proposes to develop ten new, and seven revised, interdisciplinary courses as part of a new program entitled “Medical Humanities in a Global Context.” These integrated interdisciplinary courses will offer students a pathway through the USF Honors College curriculum and aims to cultivate more critical, holistic, and experiential perspectives on health and human experience.

Project fields:
Interdisciplinary Studies, General

Humanities Connections Implementation Grants

Education Programs

Total amounts:
$98,483 (approved)
$90,726 (awarded)

Grant period:
5/1/2019 – 4/30/2022

— — — — — —
— — — — — —


Why do the actions of Dr. Catherine Wilkins matter?


When a medical patient goes to USF campus to report evidence of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ cheating and abuses, patient is instantly admonished by Dr. Wilkins’ arts professor. Dr. Wilkins engages in coverup and gaslighting to both the patient and USF, and continues various abuses on the patient. Dr. Wilkins for years does everything she can to prevent the patient reporting abuses.

Dr. Wilkins takes advantage of patient’s near-death and weakened state.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins then proceeds with her long career, now including community engagement programs such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art” with the Tampa Museum of Art and a patient-shadowing program with the Emergency Medicine division of Tampa General Hospital.

Also this year, Dr. Wilkins led an Honors course entitled “How to Make History.” This course is a collaboration with St. Petersburg Beach Public Library and the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins is now the Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College.

Dr. Wilkins is also Director of Medical Humanities Curriculum for the Morsani College of Medicine.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins used and abused the patient’s near-death medical condition (and appropriated other life details) in fraudulent applications and statements in which Dr. Catherine Wilkins attempted to receive funding, credit, and false honor for medical bills she never paid and care-taking she never gave.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins also used these false claims of good deeds, sacrifice, and accomplishment to promote her entire career in the arts and its connection to medicine and mental health.

It is ironic that Dr. Catherine Wilkins abused and detrimentally traumatized a cancer patient’s mental health, and used the information she gained and the false statements she made to have a career where she teaches courses such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art.”

The medical patient, fighting cancer and the effects of chemotherapy alone, did not know all of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ fraudulent uses of them and their near-death condition, but has tried to report her many times. Often the medical patient was too weak, or afraid the increased stress or time-and-energy-and-resource-consuming effort would kill them. Sometimes it nearly did.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ falsified and exaggerated applications for funding, and the related events, brings to light many issues and calls for many questions, among them:

Students, teachers, and professors may now say:

The “gloss” individuals put on themselves really works. Exaggeration and lies are effective.

Why can’t I cheat, exaggerate, and fabricate entire stories and actions on my scholarships, grants, or job applications? Dr. Wilkins did and got promoted many times.

Why can’t I cheat on my assignments or tests? Dr. Wilkins cheats.

Why can’t I invent positive deeds I never did? Dr. Wilkins invents.

Why do I actually have to do something, instead of just saying I did something?

Why can’t I take credit from others? Dr. Wilkins steals credit from what other people do.

Why do I have to report academic dishonesty or abuses? I can just say I filed a report, but not. I can even create fabricated evidence of filing a report, but not. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

If I am accused or about to be reported for academic cheating or abuses, I can just obfuscate, lie, coverup, and prevent the reporter or abused from informing authorities. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

It says it is okay to admonish the victim when trying to report academic dishonesty and abuse. (When a report could have been made earlier in person, Dr. Wilkins’ USF arts teacher at the time admonished the victim/medical patient and supported Dr. Wilkins.)

It says I can teach within the fields or related subjects that I committed my abuses. Dr. Wilkins does. (Dr. Wilkins should not be around medical patients.)

It says when an academic requests funding, they may lie and exaggerate on applications about their work, deeds, hardships, and expenses, and really go on vacations and personal trips to exotic locales for enjoyment.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ academic history; all of Dr. Wilkins’ scholarship applications, grant writing, written papers, her own recommendations from others, and her recommendations of or to others.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed knowledge or research.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed accomplishment.

It calls into question from those foundations and charities giving scholarships and grants, that Dr. Wilkins fabricates when requesting funding.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ professional relationships, especially those with superiors, and if any have turned personal or sexual in ways that are unethical, dishonorable, or unbecoming of the institutions of education. It calls into question Dr. Wilkins’ active or willing participation in any such affairs or their coverups.

It provides many negative examples of lacking personal and relationship integrity, not merely professional. Teachers are role models. Students seeing how Dr. Wilkins conducts a personal life of adultery and dishonesty have their personal relationship foundations eroded if they follow her real-life example. Personal integrity at home, is as important (if not more so) as professional integrity. Ultimately, all integrity is interconnected.

It says Machiavellian tactics are helpful and productive to the individual.

It tells society, foundations, and charities to be increasingly weary of financial scams involving cancer (or any medical need). This tells society to disregard requests to help those with cancer, as it may be fraudulent. This is an immense detriment to those truly suffering from cancer, who need lifesaving funds and support.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is an abused orphan. This tells society they may further abuse an orphan, use an orphan’s status for their own gain, and not actually care for an orphan; just say they cared for them as they are in reality further being abused, whether child or adult. This says society may appropriate and dishonestly use to advantage the status of a weaker person, to increase and benefit the status of a more well-off person.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a minority. This tells society that a Caucasian or race dominant in any society may continue to use, abuse, manipulate, disregard, steal from, gain from, appropriate from, and take advantage of a minority.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a cancer patient. This tells society that medical patients have no rights. Medical patients may be used for illicit gain, manipulated, and abused — even as it leads to more suffering, more health issues, magnified health issues, mental trauma, and even if it may lead to the patients’ death or near-death through neglect, abuse, delays, or obstruction. It says medical patients may be used for unlawful gain.

It tells society when I commit consensual adultery, I can appropriate “rape” as my cover story. This has endless negative consequences for real-life rape victims and victims of sexual harassment or assault, and their ability to report such abuse and be taken seriously. While adultery should never be committed, this also has negative consequences for the person engaging in consensual adultery and being accused of rape. While both are immoral, there is a difference.

The medical patient Dr. Wilkins uses in her fraudulent applications for funding and honor, is also a real-life multiple-incident rape survivor from childhood. Appropriating “rape” to defend oneself in committing consensual adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to in a related incident with David Brodosi, also of USF) is an atrocity to real-life rape survivors. Real-life rape victims suffer enough from the incident, and suffer enough from their struggle for justice. Rape should never be appropriated to excuse the guilt of adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to).

It says when I am abusing someone, I just need to say: “I am taking care of them.”

Dr. Wilkins’ academic abuses may diminish the arts and humanities in the eyes of others. Artists already struggle for accreditation, funding, and respect.

It says honor at an Honors College is just a name, but not a reality.

It says one does not need true integrity, they just have to fake integrity. That integrity is superficial.


Cancer Funding Scams and Fraudulent Resumés

While a person under Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ supposed “care” was fighting cancer, Catherine Wilkins was neglecting and mentally abusing them until they nearly died, and Dr. Wilkins was trying to line her pockets with Cancer Funding Scams, Scholarship Scams, and career advancement with Fraudulent Resumés, when Dr. Catherine Wilkins was really taking vacations and committing rampant adultery with both men and women and a USF supervisor.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Introduction to USF HONORS COLLEGE Professor, Dr. Catherine Wilkins:

Dr. Wilkins Lies About Going into Debt Helping Cancer Patient, in Her Personal Scam for Scholarship Money.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins of USF HONORS COLLEGE: Cheats in college and her personal life repeatedly.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Deceives many about falling into debt while paying a dying cancer patient’s medical bills, in her personal scam for scholarship money. This is a scam created by Dr. Wilkins to receive scholarship funds for USF. (She did not pay any medical bills, nor incur any related debt. Dr. Wilkins simply lied, and wanted money for herself and personal purposes.)

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Fabricates large amounts of crucial details on college scholarship.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Often lied to USF professors and faculty.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Commits adultery, has s*x with USF faculty.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Fills up USF work computers with p**n, s*x stories, and sexual messages from her boss at USF.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Accuses USF boss of rape in her attempt to cover-up their adultery, and abuse of school property and positions.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: While committing adultery (and claiming she is taking care of a cancer patient): Username is “Cat” on the s*x hookup website “Adult Friend Finder.” Requests sexual flings, encounters, and one-night stands with men, women, threesomes, more.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Appropriates, steals, takes, and copies from others.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Falsifies and fabricates entire stories.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Abuses an artist cancer patient to advance her college career.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Causes patient extreme mental anguish, and impedes proper treatment and recovery while patient is near death. Uses information gained to fabricate stories to promote herself.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: For her deceptions, receives credit and school recommendations. Now paradoxically teaches courses in Art, Mental Health, PTSD, and works with medical students, faculty, and other patients.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Teaches USF Honors College Health Professions Students.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Teaches Honors capstone course “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art.”

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Courses are taught by an instructor that has frequently lied, falsified academic scholarships, conducted large cover-ups to escape accountability, abused a dying medical patient, and engaged in adultery.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Academic and college ethics, as well as personal integrity severely missing.

* * * Art Historian Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Builds her college career on falsehoods, appropriation, massive misconduct, and abuses.

* * * MORE.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Enclosed as attachments are original documents written by Dr. Wilkins concerning David Brodosi.
“story 4”
“story 5”
It is written by Dr. Catherine Wilkins that:

“During this phone conversation, he (David Brodosi) directed me toward a web site which featured adult fiction of an erotic nature. He (David Brodosi) asked me to read a story aloud to him on the phone, and I complied. When I concluded, he (David Brodosi) said that he enjoyed it to the point of climax.”

Catherine Wilkins states David Brodosi writes erotic fiction, and then asks female USF employees under his supervision to read such erotic stories to him as David Brodosi masturbates. David Brodosi then requests s*x.

Catherine Wilkins states: “Several full-time staff members, including Gerald Notaro, Robert McKenzie, Daniel Richards and Mr. Brodosi, used their state-owned work computers to view p*********y during business hours.”
“story 4” and “story 5” are custom-written s*x stories authored by Dr. Wilkins with the characters of “Cat” and “David.” Dr. Wilkins said she read these s*x stories to David Brodosi as he masturbated.

Over a period of more than a year, Dr. Wilkins told her significant other (at that time), that:
Dr. Wilkins was sexually harassed, then raped at USF by David Brodosi, that Brodosi was arrested, went to trial, Dr. Wilkins had David Brodosi convicted, and David Brodosi was fired from USF. 

### BEGIN “story 4” ###
(See original document if any text becomes clipped.)

Late feb

David strides into the dark room in the corner of the house. Sitting in a subservient way on the bed is Cat, hands clasped and head down, wearing leather bra and panties. In the game they are about to play, he is dominant. He affixes a collar around her neck to show his ability to control her and she trembles. He asks her if she wants this and she says yes, master. He takes silk scarves from a dresser, lashing her wrists in front of her, and then tying both wrists to the upper bed posts.

David moves around Cat, though not touching her. She thinks about what he is going to do and she can almost feel imaginary fingers touching her. He leans down and teasingly kisses her lips with just a very light touch. She is left wanting more, but is in no control of the fulfillments of her desires. He leaves the room for what seems like an eternity. She is worried that he has left entirely and struggles a little against her restraints. Finally he re enters the room and she realizes that he was just trying to test her patience and prolong her anticipation. It has worked.

Cat begins to get excited and mentally places the control of the situation in his command. He carries a bag, from which he removes several objects meant to cause both pleasure and pain. The first is leather cuffs meant to go around her ankles. He uses them to chain her ankles to the bottom posts of the bed. They chafe a little, but they prevent her from moving and give David complete control over the situation. He then takes a lighter from his bag and uses it to ignite a candle. Cat’s eyes have a look of anxiety in them as he raises the burning candle over her trapped body. He lets the hot wax drip on to her skin, all the way from her shoulders to her toes. She cries out and trembles as she feels the heat – it hurts, but it excites her. “Quiet!” he hisses, turns, and quickly finds another scarf to stuff in her mouth. Cat chokes a little bit on the fabric and her voice is stifled. More wax is dripped over her skin, and she bites down hard on the scarf. David then tells her to close her eyes, and removes a large feather from his bag. He turns to her and starts at her face to stroke her skin lightly with the feather. Cat cannot see, nor imagine what the sensuous, delicate touch is. She likes how it feels as it glides over the parts of her skin that are exposed and extra sensitive after having the wax fall so close by. She tries to peek but David sees her and yells at her to keep her eyes closed. She feels chills all over as the feather skims over her skin. It reaches her toes before starting back up her legs. She is writhing, trying to get free of her bonds, to end the torture of anticipation and the restraint of her sexual desires. Finally, with a wild twist of her head, she drops the scarf from her mouth and before David can stop her, she is screaming out “Oh yes, touch me, oh yes!” He tells her to be quiet, and threatens to stop completely if she does not control her impulses. Cat manages to stifle her spoken desires so that he will resume touching her with the feather. She imagines that it is a light touch caressing her in every spot but that where she desires it the most. Finally, she can no longer contain the build up of desire that wells within her. Biting her lip to keep from screaming out, Cat can merely whimper “MMM, mmmmmm” as the overload of sensation alone makes her o****m. “Bad girl!” David reprimands her. He knows what has just happened to her. “You will have to be punished for that.”

### END “story 4” ###

### BEGIN “story 5” ###
(See original document if any text becomes clipped.)

Early March

Lying on a bed in a dark room, prepared for sleep, Cat hears a noise. She lifts her head to discover its origin and to her deep shock, sees a man standing in the doorway staring at her. Completely ashamed of her nudity and also very afraid, she vainly attempts to cover herself. She is too surprised to speak. The man utters a low grunt and strides quickly toward her bed. “No !” she cries, thrusting her palm towards him, willing him to stop coming.

Ignoring her protests, he continues advancing and in a second stands beside her bed. She curls her body into the fetal position and whimpers in fear, which has taken over any consciousness of her own nudity. “No please, please…” she implores him. The man is not so easily dissuaded by her entreaties and taking her arms roughly, pulls them apart and pins them to the bed beside her head. She screams and begins struggling, unable to believe that this is happening to her. She becomes uncovered and exposed as she fights and writhes, her torso twisting from side to side. She starts flailing her legs in desperation so the man responds by jumping astride her stomach where he can control her better. He lets go of one hand, raises his right arm and gives her a strong slap on the cheek. She is temporarily stunned into silence until the shock subsides and the pain takes over, and she begins crying loudly. Tears stream down her cheeks, one of which is pale with fright and the other bright red from the man s blow. The man smiles cruelly at her tears, obviously enjoying and being further aroused by them. Her sobs increase in volume but his excitement only mounts. He bends forward and kisses the tears on her cheek, the one he struck. She flinches at this contact and annoyed, her hits her face again. This brings forth a fresh torrent of tears from the despairing woman. The man’s only response is a harsh laugh.

He reaches behind him into the back pocket of his jeans, withdrawing something shiny. It is a pair of silver handcuffs, their clasps unlocked. Taking one of her hands in his, he fastens one cuff around her small wrist and clicks the ratchet mechanism shut tight, pinching her wrist painfully in the process. A cold sweat breaks out over her body at her predicament, making her look shiny and sleek. With her free hand, she tries to scratch the man’s face but misses. Angered, he catches her other hand and fastens the handcuff roughly. She stops struggling, but the man is too excited to notice. Chained by her wrists to the bed, she is scared and frustrated.

She is kicking and one of her feet strikes him a blow and this makes him more furious. He sits on his haunches, imprisoning her calves. She is exposed and has no control over the situation; he laughs at her and begins to undo the belt fastening his jeans. “No, please, don’t, I can’t…” she implored tearfully as she understood what he intended to do to her. She twisted her head violently from side to side as soon as she saw his p***s.

He forces her legs apart through sheer strength, ignoring her pleas. Gripping her hips firmly, he pushes hard and penetrates a short distance. The woman screams in agony as he pulls on her for leverage. Soon he has neared his climax and withdraws his p***s from her. The man grunts as he comes all over her belly, which is quivering with fear. He stands before her, smirking as he watches her recover from the shock of her experience.

Loathe to admit it, Cat realizes the familiarity of some of the feelings she had just experienced. That tingle she had felt on other occasions when she had touched herself was there. She realized with horror that she was actually turned on and about to have an o****m in front of this man. He stood at her feet laughing at her as she tried to conceal what was happening, but all she could do was moan with her teeth clenched – “MMmmm, mmmm” – at the awful pleasure she was experiencing. As she finished and lay there completely ashamed, trying to hide her face and body, he uncuffed her and disappeared into the night.

### END “story 5” ###

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