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Kevin Buurma Angileri, Kevin Angileri, LIAR.

Kevin Buurma Angileri lies about people and posts false information about people online. Kevin Angileri is the owner of all these extortion websites all over the internet. He will not hesitate to ruin your life with false lies. He’s so d**n ugly that an oriental girl won’t even go out with him for more than a week.

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  1. Kevin had to drop this disgruntled employee from the payroll due to delusional thinking and psychotic outbursts. The real world (no paycheck) and few opportunities for high school dropouts is catching up with him. When Kevin took pity on him and gave him another chance it was within weeks that he resorted to his old self and left work early for meetings and hanging around others struggling to keep a grip on reality. His demons are winning again, and unfortunately he can no longer work with the people who gave him several chances to get it together. He is losing his grip on reality, especially with regard to Asians, and has been trespassed from the Chinese restaurant in our plaza. He stays angry and when his medication runs out, we fear for his and others’ safety. He’s also been incarcerated on numerous occasions. Please don’t confront him, just let the police deal with him, they’re properly trained to deal with mental disorders.

  2. When Kevins’ roommate/boyfriend ate the last doughnut, Kevin snapped and threatened to evict him. It wasn’t like him when he has his medication. But the welfare office found out he has an internet job and cut back on his benefits, namely foodstamps and medical. He’s been buying Zanax off the streets but with more money going out for food and the prices of his street pills, the budget is tightening around his waist and in his brain. He was saving that last creme-filled delight for a snack when he finished lying about someone on the internet and when roomie boyfriend ate it he threatened to sit on his skinny a*s and then evict him. That’s just not right, their agreement is to share everything except other men. He says he has an asian girlfriend but anyone who knows him will tell you he’s in the closet.

  3. This POS doesn’t want to talk about it with anyone but his attorney, He’s running scared now and will soon have some explaining to do. Who paid for the donuts, I have the receipts, all of them, Kevin. I can prove everything. You still have the glaze on your fat smirk but you will soon be squished from all that custard/

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