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John Miller — New York

John Miller of NYC is the ultimate gang-stalker and harasser in chief of any and all New Yorkers who happen to not be either white or Jewish.

He is the scourge and face of evil, and literally has no qualifications to be in his current position as NYC Counter-terrorism/Counter-intelligence Chief, other than that he used to be a bottom-feeder “journalist” covering NYC mob guys, and married into a super-wealthy Jewish banking family with ties to Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, and is connected to Frank Costello, Boss of one of the 5 Italian Mafia Families of New York City.

His only claim to fame is that he once briefly interviewed Osama bin Laden who later has been revealed to be a CIA Operative the whole time. Other than that he never had any formal education or training in law enforcement counter-terrorism or counter-intelligence, but apparently now he teaches this s*** at local NYC colleges. This con-artist is the “Zelig” of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence agencies, because he is always at the right place at the right time, taking photo-cps with REAL law enforcement, counter-terrorism, and counter-intelligence figures, while pretending that his pudgy white a** is James Bond. Never has a bigger con-artist been spawned, as he literally gives life to the phrase “fake it ’til you make it.”

He is New York City’s version of former Soviet Union’s secret police and KGB chiefs, Lavrentiy Beria and Felix Dzerzhinsky, probably engaging in the same level of abject criminality, corruption, gang-stalking, violating civil rights, breaking the criminal laws and other civilized behavior in his un-ending and unquenchable l**t and thirst for more power and money for him and his criminal mafia brethren, at the expense of everyone else and their civil rights in New York City.

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