Online Fraud and Scams

Read our latest Fraud Alert to learn about how to protect yourself from Online Fraud and Scams that are surfacing.

It's so easy to become a victim. It can happen fast. Before you know it, you've clicked "send" or put your money in the mail and you're out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Scam artists work full-time at ripping you off. And after one scam bites the dust, the scam artists are ready with another one. It's no wonder so many people fall for the next generation scam. Write your experience, report fraud! – This Company Is a SCAM!!!

Expert Removals ( offers a scam service to remove online complaints for businesses or people like me and you. They have been paid thousands of dollars to help remove online complaints and have not helped anyone! They take your money and run. Expert Removals is run by internet mafia wanna-be’s and they can not even remove complaints about themselves much less your complaints. This warning to anyone that plans on doing business with – dont send them any money! They will steal you money and Rip You Off. They claim to be the best but why do they have complaints ranking high on google themselves.

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