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Defamation Defenders advertises and claims to have the ability to remove content from a long list of cheater sites that they can get content removed from and they are TOTALLY full of c**p! They told me they could remove a single cheater post for over $3,000! I called two attorneys who could get it removed for $2,000.

Just to test these clowns I asked them to begin the removal and then they told me they can only suppress (push down on search engines). Again, Attorneys can REMOVE for $2,000 and Defamation Defenders can only suppress for $3,000 +!!! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Needless to say, the attorney I hired did successfully and quickly get the post 100% removed for $2,000.

Like most so called “reputation companies” they’ll try to scam you for thousands of dollars to remove a single negative post. Defamation Defenders is the newest scam reputation management company in cyberspace. Don’t give these crooks your money because you likely won’t get anything in return!

Public records indicate that Defamation Defenders, LLC is a newer foreign limited liability company registered in Delaware, Defamation Defenders, LLC is registered to Bethany D. Flores.

Defamation Defenders uses an address of 4845 Pearle East Circle, # 101, Boulder, CO 80301. This is not their real physical location but merely a rented mailing address through United Virtual Office.

Welcome to Defamation Defenders

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  1. That’s bullshit ! The poster is obviously lying, since no reputable attorney would even attempt such an undertaking for less than $7,000 to begin with. It can be such a hornet’s nest when removing all the links and backlinks, researching for leftover comments and cleaning up a reputation. Besides, I have personally dealt with Defamation Defenders and they went above and beyond my expectations when I hired them to clean up some negative reviews which were left by a jealous competitor. Betheny did an excellent job for our company and only resorts to burying a post when she has a client who’s working with a very tight budget. We shopped around before we hired her team to do some SEO work for us and she delivered as promised.

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