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Kevin Angileri is the owner of along with fourteen other websites. We have contacted him about taking a post from my, and and player block among many many other sites and putting them up on He hides his identity by using domain by proxy thinking that he wouldn’t have to worry about someone knowing how to find out the name of owners of websites that use domains by proxy. I have tried to be nice about him stealing content from my sites, by asking nicely for him to please take the stolen post off his site, but he continues to ignore my request even after telling him that if needed we would play hardball as much as he wants with us. We have tried everything we can to have this situation resolved by reasonable means without getting real nasty with him. He doesn’t realize that we could get him into real serious legal issues that he can not win. We have had other websites that have tried to steal content from our websites that would not heed warnings from us, with the results being us going through proper legal means, and some have complied with our request, and then there are ones that don’t comply with our request and we have been able to get those ones shut down. People like this make it hard on website owners who work their sites without having to go and steal a post from other websites. Mr. Angileri fails to realize or just don’t care if he’s is doing this without the permission of other websites owners. We have tried to reason with this man, and it seems like we are just talking to a brick wall. We can be as tough as we need to be about this matter, but we would rather see this settled once and for all without having to go through extreme measures. he is in a no-win situation matter that could end up with his site taken down off the internet totally. If he wants to play hardball with us, he better be ready for a tough time going for him. We have made several complaints to domains by proxy that he would not respond to us, finally, domains by proxy released his information to us. Normally when you ask for information from domains by proxy, they tell you that they will not give it to you. They will generally not give out the information, they tell you that you have to file a copyright suit through the courts, then you have to file a subpoena to serve to domains by proxy for them to release the information, but with me I didn’t have to do that, because I had complained so many times to domains by proxy. Domains by proxy finally released his information to me. After I got his information from domains by proxy I did a google search and found out that he owned all these other websites. The reason why I’m writing this is so if any other site owners or Lawyers are wanting to know who the owner of the website is this information will help start the process faster. 99 percent of the content that is on his site is content that he stole from other websites. The other 1 percent is ones that he wrote about people. I am not going to put his address, phone number or even his mom’s address and information on here, if you are interested in this information, please leave a comment and email, and I will send it to you. All I am asking is that you do not put this information on the internet.

You may or may not know that “User Generated Content” is protected by Sec. 230 and the CDA however, scraped content is not protected under the Communications Decency Act.

Kevin Buurma Angileri
Fake IPAddress from CloudFlare
Real IPAddress from GoDaddy

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Kevin Angileri.

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