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It's so easy to become a victim. It can happen fast. Before you know it, you've clicked "send" or put your money in the mail and you're out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Scam artists work full-time at ripping you off. And after one scam bites the dust, the scam artists are ready with another one. It's no wonder so many people fall for the next generation scam. Write your experience, report fraud!

Alina Muradyan – Keller Williams Realty – Unethical Misconduct

I received an unsolicited prospect letter from real estate agent Alina Muradyan early March 2017 and I responded as my condo is for sale off market. The agent was supposed to meet me for a lunch meeting April 7th at 1 pm (after weeks of her rescheduling etc) at my residence. Instead she did not show up and claimed to have had a family emergency as an excuse for not showing up at all. I waited for her until 2 pm. However the local agent and resident Daniel Mailyan saw her on property during the period she was supposed to meet with me. When I complained about her unprofessional misconduct she issued me a statement of decline of representation instead of taking responsibility for her unethical misconduct and threatened me with harassment if I contacted her further. She refused to compensate me for my loss of time and her nefarious behavior.

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