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Stalker, Predator Christian Graus

This lowlife, troublemaking scumbag is a piece of s**t! Christian Graus is a far-left freak from Dromedary, Tasmania. He is a bullying radical who stalks, exposes, and harasses people that he disagrees with. He loves Antifa and travels to far away lands to cause chaos and disorder with conservative people that he doesn’t like.

Christian Graus has Asperger’s Syndrome, which causes him to be naturally egocentric, selfish, entitled, and inconsiderate. He doesn’t have a job, and still lives at home with his mother, in Tasmania. This idiot is mentally disabled and should not be allowed to travel anywhere on his own. He should be locked away, under extreme supervision, like other slow and mentally retarded people are. This creep should not be allowed on the streets, nor should he be allowed on social media/the internet, at all. His phone and other electronic devices should be taken away from him.

It is unclear as to if this loser is straight, gay, bi, or asexual. It doesn’t matter. Avoid him! Christian Graus is an extremist, no-hoper who thinks he is somebody important.

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Siskiyou County Scumbag DA Kirk Andrus does Favors for his Friends in the Mormon Church

Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus is a self-righteous, pompous arrogant coward who uses his elected office to enrich his friends in the Mormon Church and takes proactive steps to minimize the chances of Mormons being prosecuted in Siskiyou County.

In other words, Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus is a worthless piece of rectal filth who is an abomination not only to his wife and daughters, but to his community and to his country as well.

Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus is a scumbag who uses the powers of Siskiyou County law enforcement to victimize innocents with tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, then publicly mocks his victims when they have trouble coming up with the money. All while Kirk Andrus and his fellow Mormon Scum friends the Ingraham family get a free legal help, courtesy of the taxpayer.

“Hey Kirk…those taxpayer economic development funds were intended to promote desperately needed economic growth in your small town of Mount Shasta…it was not the intent for those funds to end up in the bank accounts of your friends in the Mormon Church, you clueless dumb f**k”

Learn the true nature of Kirk Andrus.

Learn the true nature of his daughter Abby Andrus.

Learn the true nature of the Mormons of Mount Shasta, and learn the true nature of Mount Shasta Mormon Scum.
We lost everything we had in life to the Mormons of Mount Shasta while Kirk Andrus masturbated after we alerted him in writing.

Dirty, Filthy, Deceptive, Dishonest Mormon Scum. 100% Pure Mormon Rectal Filth.

Learn how Kirk Andrus and the rest of the Mount Shasta Mormons treated me and my family when we moved to Mount Shasta.

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Julia Surman is a Racist and a Fraud

Cannot express enough my disgust for the amount of racially charged, hurtful things she has said over the course of our time here at Michigan State. She likes to be mean and justify it by coming up with these wacky excuses she conjures up. Also a kleptomaniac.

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Lisa Spiegel Partner | Toronto 416.596.2122

Lisa Spiegel Of Toronto Exposed For Being An Unethical B***h Of A Lawyer
Lisa Spiegel  took down the discovery and is now ready for her anchor position. The dirty army sees big things in store for this one!

Lisa Spiegel
Partner | Toronto

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Cyber Criminal Extortionist Attorney Maanit Zemel up in Canada Toronto

I met this Attorney, Maanit Zemel on a local hookup site about three months ago. Maanit Zemel is a corrupt extortionist from Canada who shakes down businesses to pay up big money but she herself can’t even take down posts about herself posted on the web. I pity the fools who hire this fraudulent attorney in Canada who never wins her cases. Read about this crooked criminal Maanit right here –

We agreed to meet in a downtown hotel bar where I overheard her talking about a case she had misrepresented, flat out blew it off and lost, and her client was p****d off and cursing loudly. That’s how I knew she was an attorney, although she never said as much. She wanted to talk about the rest of the night and started drinking fast and was ready to reorder before I was halfway done with my drink. Her profile said she was into light kink, toys and large dicks. She looked a little shy at first and blushed a little as she asked me what I was working with…!? I guided her hand to my crotch and she smiled as she felt for herself. She said she wanted to be the judge and I should imagine her wearing a robe. We had a few more quick drinks and she suggested a little out-of-the-way dumpy hotel nearby. I followed her and we soon pulled into the parking lot a few blocks from the hotel where we had met for drinks. I asked why we didn’t just stay at the hotel where we had drinks and she said her partner sometimes drank there. She got the room which was nice since I had spent as much on the alcohol. Once we got into the room and pulled the curtains, her shyness disappeared. I used the restroom and she was naked before I flushed the toilet – I could see her in the mirror through the open door. She was standing there naked and smiling a deprived cougar smile. I guess she was somewhere in her early fifties and I’m only 24. Her saggy t*****s didn’t exactly excite me but I was there to bust a nut and move on. The alcohol was doing a good job of letting me concentrate on the rest of her body. I started to unbutton my shirt and she had my zipper down and was on her knees before I had two buttons undone. She must not get layed very often, I thought, as she did her thing on the end of my k**b. I made an alcohol-induced blunder and entered her without protection. Big mistake, and I’ll pay for it for the rest of my life. The doctor let me know the crabs were treatable but the genital warts will reoccur throughout my life. There is medication to lesssen the symptoms during outbreaks but I’m still “contageous, like Charlie Sheen,” he said. I can still lead a somewhat normal s*x life but I’ll always be a carrier for genital warts and I have to notify any future s*x partner. If I could just go back in time and avoid this venereal vendor, believe me I would. And she never said a word about potential contageon and I didn’t see any warts in the dimness of the room, lit only by the television. I don’t apologize for my sexual prediliction, I’m young. However, I feel she owes me an apology since she has to know she’s infected. I tried the number for her office on at least a dozen occcasions, she’s never there. I found her picture on Google and WebActivism, but she’s at least 20-years older than her photo and saggy t**s suggest. I read alot of complaints about her, too. As much as I hate thinking about her at all, I’m trying to spare someone else a lifetime of regret Now you know…wear a raincoat with this one… Read more about Maanit on

Maanit Zemel is a classic home wrecker. She gets involved only with men in relationships with kids and then jumps around and will cheat on the guy who she just got to leave his family on another guy with a family. If she hears that there are problems she will convince them to sleep with her and then blackmail them to leave. She will then make claims against the mother to make her seem bad and then completely move on once the guy realizes that she’s cheating. Home wrecking is her hobby. I’m a friend and watch this go down time and time again. She’s been married once and has been engaged many times. If she starts being around you or your family watch out! She just likes the thrill! Beware Players!!!

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2 – This Company Is a SCAM!!!

Expert Removals ( offers a scam service to remove online complaints for businesses or people like me and you. They have been paid thousands of dollars to help remove online complaints and have not helped anyone! They take your money and run. Expert Removals is run by internet mafia wanna-be’s and they can not even remove complaints about themselves much less your complaints. This warning to anyone that plans on doing business with – dont send them any money! They will steal you money and Rip You Off. They claim to be the best but why do they have complaints ranking high on google themselves.

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Tom Babcock , Vancouver, BC At The Helm Sailing And Powerboating School, 582 Shannon Crescent North Vancouver, British Columbia, (778) 919-6605.

Tom Babcock was caught on March 9th, 2019, attempting to follow a 7 year old girl in McDonald’s bathroom downtown. This guy is one sick pervert who hangs out with men who have served time for child molestation. He meets a young boy at Sunpeaks Resort and he touches him in the “special playroom.” This guy is one sick f**k

Tom Babcock , Vancouver, BC
At The Helm Sailing And Powerboating School, 582 Shannon Crescent North Vancouver, British Columbia, (778) 919-6605.

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Julia McDaniels Is A Scam Artist

Julia McDaniels (aka Trina Martin and Randi Dorante) runs a fake business called National Lakewood Correlation Housing Coalition that steal thousands of dollars from innocent people, elderly, disabled, and homeless. The fake business is also called Good Samaritan Permanent Housing. She’s a short, black woman in her 50s who lives in Orange County, California. Please notify authorities if you know of her whereabouts!

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Thomas Herron – Lancaster, California

I’m a single mother of three kids. I spoke to manager Thomas Herron at Honda Lancaster. I told him I needed a car that would fit into my budget. He sent me price quotes through my phone and when we agreed to a vehicle. He asked me if I would be willing to have s*x with him for approval on the vehicle. When I said no! He no longer had approval for me. He preyed on me because i was in need!

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Central Business Funding — Scamming People

I signed up, and boy what a mistake. This company is scamming people. Yes, they don’t guarantee financing but they claim to work with you until you do receive the funding/financing. Kind of contradicts itself. So, I was paired up Kajsia Manwaring, who the first time I talked with her was great, but after that every time we scheduled a call, she either was late, or stated had a call in 5 minutes. How is that type of consulting going to help me or anyone else. Yes, I had to reschedule a couple of times, but she should have paid attention to her schedule. I made 2 payments and received absolutely nothing in return. I even complained and was told by a collection representative that my case was referred to that they paired me with someone else, whom has NEVER and I mean NEVER contacted me since July. If they are really a reputable company then anyone else paired to me would have left a message if I could not be reached. I did read the contract and sign it but so did they, so we are both in the wrong here.

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EXPOSED!!! Sex Predator and Serial Rapist Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko owner of Removal Extortion Blackmail Schemes in New York, NY

S*x Predator and Child Rapist Pedophile Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko is the owner of Removal Remove in NY New York

EXPOSED!!! S*x Predator and Serial Rapist Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko owner of Removal Extortion Blackmail Schemes in New York, NY

Serial Sexual Predator and Child Rapist Balding Hair Losing Pedophile Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko owner of removal remove,,,,,,,, etc. in New York NY @WebActivist Twitter Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko

And his life-partner 71 year old the balding fatty Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolskyof,,,,,,,, etc. in New York NY. His Twitter is @AlexSyrov and his website is:

Look at these rapid hair loss suffering sexual predators and kiddie p**n diddler kings Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko and Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail Podolsky of WebActivism / Opinion Corp in New York! This fat old hideous loner freak with a double-chin and a huge beer belly has not only been convicted of numerous criminal offences that include extortion, scamming web sites, sexual offences against young children (i.e. he was convicted of child p*********y and child rape charges in Chicago and he served a lengthy jail sentence), etc., but this serial rapist Michael Podolsky and his GAY LOVER and live-in BOYFRIEND Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko and criminal orgy lovers VLADIMIR NARDIN, ELENA KARTYSHEVA and Joanna Clark Simpson have been sued, arrested, served lengthy prison sentences and even deported out of the US multiple times (look it up in the internet along with his address).

These sad lonely creatures and pedophile child s*x rapist child murdering and kidnapping s*x predators Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky and his soulmate Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko (who are both unemployed bums with no real job, no friends, no family, no life). So, how did they meet and why do they make money off these extortion websites? After much investigation, we uncovered that the answer is quite simple really. They met in federal prison where both of them were serving time for raping many young boys, for distributing child p*********y, sexual assault, human trafficking underage boys for sexual pleasure, various other pedophilia related criminal offenses, etc. Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky and his partner-in-crime Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko full well knew that upon being released on parole no legitimate employer would hire undocumented illegal aliens like them especially given their lengthy criminal records as REGISTERED S*X OFFENDERS!!! This way, they get to continue with their s*x predator behavior while making some money of removals of unflattering content on their websites for a hefty fee while republishing the same content on their other affiliated websites. They intentionally target foreign entities knowing that they would have limited legal recourses in the United States. Both Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky and his child rape kiddie p**n loving comrade Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko also run many CHILD P**N websites on the dark web that depicts sexual acts on young boys as young as 1 month to 14 years old. These two are perverted sickos!!! Their imminent arrests related to his Internet scams is foreseeable; they were even sued many many many times (just look it up on the web!)

The hilarious irony in all this is: these two s*x predator convicted criminal child loving kiddie p**n molester HIV positive rapists with AIDS have made a profit by publishing DMCA requests…. and now these abject failures are getting a taste of their own medicine. Hahaha! Take a gander at this:


Almost all negative review search results have been Artificially created by Michael Podolsky. Michael Podolsky is a notorious Scammer and Blackmailer who extorts from businesses and individuals especially doctors. Michael Podolsky owns SCAM websites:,,, and many others. Michael Podolsky is a sick fat lonely loser who optimizes SEO of his websites to Google Search Engine and exploits weaknesses of Google in order to promote his Scam websites to show up in the top of the page under given search. Michael Podolsky extortion sites will show up on the top of the page. Than multiple agents of “reputation management” websites will be contacting the doctor with offers to remove or suppress the negative content. Michael Podolsky scheme is a simple Blackmail and Extortion Racket. Michael Podolsky is Blackmailer and Extortionist who utilizes weaknesses in Google algorithm to promote his websites on the first page. ALL reviews by Michael Podolsky on his websites are pure FABRICATION and an attempt to extort and tarnish reputation of businesses or reputation of individuals or doctors. Michael Podolsky has been sued multiple times for his CRIMINAL activities online. This pedophile Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky is a product of CRIMINAL segment of Dark Internet that uses an excuse of freedom of speech to BLACKMAIL and EXTORT. Michael Podolsky is a modern day PIRATE and CYBERSTALKER. The Justice will prevail over Michael Podolsky eventually and he will be stopped along with his CRIMINAL websites and is a FRAUD SCAM EXTORTION VIRUS MALWARE RANSOMWMARE scheme website that demands payment for removal Web Activism WebActivist #webactivism

WebActivism Removal is a SCAM FRAUD EXTORTION VIRUS MALWARE RANSOMWARE dangerous web site Remove Posts Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky, Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenkoare the convicted criminal owners of

This website is instrumental in unlawful activities that include harassment, intimidation, dissemination of personal information, etc. This website ( that is a fraudulent site that purports to be a public service (i.e. cleverly masquerading itself as a legitimate public interest website) — but in reality, this an extortion based website that posts content that is defamatory, false, shaming (revenge p**n), etc. and through its third-party subsidiaries (eg.,,,,,,, etc.), they demand hefty payment for content to be taken down to have posts removed. This is blatant extortion and law enforcement should not allow these dubious parties to carry out their acts unscathed by way of executing such fraudulent schemes.

This joke of a website that puts its own laughable spin on various FAKE NEWS stories. There is NO “webactivism” team; the site is run by just one pathetic fat hideous loner with no friends and no life…. yet this intemperate lonely creep refers to his nonexistent team and friends. LMAO. Even funnier is that this worthless vermin pontificates RipOff Report and other similar sites… yet he has been put on BLAST by these very same sites. Clearly this societal reject has no legal training whatsoever. What an innate failure life! Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail Podolsky, Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko, Joanna Simpson aka Joanna Clark Simpson, VLADIMIR NARDIN, ELENA KARTYSHEVA and many other crooks are instrumental in these scams.
Complain about Web Activism by filing a formal criminal investigation complaint to the following:
– Abuse with whois privacy corp
– Cloudflare abuse
– abuse

Department of Justice
Department of Homeland Security
National IP Cordination Centre
US Postal Inspection
FB @webactivist @webactivist @webactivist Twitter

If anyone or their attorneys would like to serve these two sexual predators with legal documents, this is where you can reach them:

Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky
12333 83rd Ave.
Apt 2703
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
(718) 544-0283
(516) 569-0021

Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko
41 Deepdene Rd.
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(347) 688-2539
(646) 781-8765
(646) 827-1925

Joann Simpson
135 Ocean Pkwy
Apt. 6h
Brooklyn, NY 11218

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VegasRush Casino — Not paying out winnings and lying about it

On October 2nd 2019 I won $2000 which I proceeded to request a withdrawal. They stated it would take 1-3 business days to review then 5-7 business days to finalize and then pay out. After 3 days I got the confirmation that my withdrawal was approved and I was asked how did I want to recieve it. I requested that it be paid out by Bitcoin which they approved and agreed to doing. They said it would take 5-7 business days to process.

Based on the timelines given I should have recieved my withdrawal yesterday October 16th. However I did not. On Tuesday the 15th I contacted support by email and phone and both confirmed to me that I would recieve the transfer by Bitcoin the next day so I waited.

I did not receive the transfer on Wednesday, October 16 like they had confirmed by bitcoin so I contacted support by email and phone today October 17 and asked what was going on and I was summarily told that I would not be getting my winnings by Bitcoin anymore That I would instead be sent a check which would be faster and trackable.

this information blew me away and I demanded to know why I wouldn’t be receiving my fines buy bitcoin I was told by them that management had showed down bitcoin transfers on Monday the 14th. No wait a minute I had just been confirmed on the 15th and the 16th that I would be receiving a buy bitcoin so why am I now being told it was actually shut down on the 14th and who is lying to me. Also how can a check be faster if the timeframeHas already passed that I should’ve received it by bitcoin it’s not possible to be a faster so I’m being lied to and Friday and out of my winnings and buy this casino and something needs to be done because this is illegal fraudulent and complete c**p

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