Tonia Heilman – Oklahoma

You name it shes lied about it. she cheats on every man she’s been with. If her mouth is open shes lying, shes the player of players. look in your eye and lie after being with some1 else.the word w***e is the definition of her

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  1. Tonia Heilman got kicked to the curb by her ex and is now practicing her lies more carefully. In Oklahoma you can sleep in your car but only for two weeks in one spot before having to move down any road by at least five miles. They don’t like people who stay in their cars to be in any one jurisdiction longer than two weeks. They want the officers to be alert and able to recognize new faces quickly. This is working out fairly well since Walmart is cracking down on panhandlers and car-camping in their smaller lots. Trucks are no longer welcome, even those who work for Walmart are getting asked to move along.

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