Penny Thomas Sago – Coweta, Oklahoma

Watch out for this gold digger named Penny Thomas Sago. She follows wedded men/taken men. Penny separates families and couldn’t care less who’s lives get demolished all the while. She’ll toss the affection word at you immediately however doesn’t recognize what the word implies. She simply needs what ever she can get and will do what ever she can to get it. Penny has an opiates dependence and is likewise an overwhelming consumer. She petitioned for financial protection has liens against her and can’t keep a vocation. Her home is a calamity as a result of her ADD. Penny likewise needs the person she’s attempting to get the opportunity to help fix her home up. She’s great at playing this amusement. Try not to give her falsehoods and control a chance to take a few to get back some composure of you. When she takes a few to get back some composure of the person she needs she turns into a major control crack and will have you by the b***s. She’ll be up your rear end and have you by the b***s in dread you will wake up and see the genuine Penny Thomas Sago. Remain as far away as could be allowed…

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  1. I’m trying to finish up the work in her house now, so she’ll let go of my b***s, but she keeps adding things to do – and wants me to pay for all of it, her money goes for booze and more booze. I’m starting to think she has anger issues because the grip she has on me is starting to cut off circulation and I can’t concentrate, just yesterday I painted the babies room pink instead of blue and she tryed to blame me when she’s the one who bought the paint – a rarity – she spent $18.99

    1. Noel from what I heard you better get out as fast as possible. I just found out she used my social security number and opened a line of credit in my name witch I reported and asked to press felony charges against her. Before you help her maybe she should get some help with her drinking.

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