Omar Pineda – Tulsa, Oklahoma

I met this guy on Plenty of Fish, we started texting then added each other on snap, etc. Things seemed normal enough. I got a DM from a girl on Instagram though, letting me know he’s sort of a serial cheater I guess. He’s married and has a kid, but tries to make himself appear online as single. She sent me proof of him being married, and that was enough for me. She said there are a bunch of girls. He either says he’s single, or says hes separated/divorced. In the added photos is a conversation between him and I before I knew..My number is BLUE and ends in 18, and his is RED and ends in 24. I also added the DM and the first photo that I got as proof.

Watch out who you talk to online, you never know what they’re really after and what they’re really like.

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