Marlana Brent – McAlester, Oklahoma

She’s started by sending nudes to my husband. Then started having him over during the day time to f*ck him. I’ve followed him to her house. Read the messages between them were he said I’m married. She doesn’t care she’s ruining our family and is a nasty sl*t from my research. So anyone around her I’d wrap your winky.

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  1. Very good advice!
    I got with Marlana and had heard about how easy she was from a few friends. After drinking for awhile last weekend, we hooked up and hit the hay. At first I couldn’t find my wrapper and she said never mind, she never uses one. I was sober enough to keep fumbling in my pocket until I found it and unfoiled it and slipped it on. I would recommend you do the same as other poster said: wrap your winky!

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