Marlana Brent – McAlester, Oklahoma

This girl is a dirty bit** literally she’s with different men daily including my husband which is destroying our marriage. She sends nudes to his phone all the time and always has him over during the day for s*x and I’m sick of it. She’s not gonna stop with any of these guys. So if u tap it wrap it….

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  1. This one looked so innocent and friendly. I thought so until I caught her with my wife in our backyard. They didn;t see me come around side of house and kept eating each other in the little greenhouse out back. The had a tarp layed on ground between starter beds with their coats and clothes for matress. This sounds like fantasy for some guys but we have kids and both our parents live in McAlester. My wife is a teacher and I work for the city. We have to much to lose. I don’t want this b***h to mess with my family and told her to stay away.

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