Kymber Smith — Lawton, Oklahoma

This is Kymber Tari Jo Smith. She was 23 at the time. Works at Serco and goes to school at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. She lives in Cyril Oklahoma with her parents and family. The following is not a story. It is fact. There are no elaborations. People can deny it happened but it did. It is all that I have lived since October 2017. I started finding out about my husbands affair with one of his coworkers from Serco the day after I had just had surgery. I was in pain. I could barely eat. He had been acting strange ignoring me not wanting to have s*x as much since I came home from a trip I had to Disney with my family late August. He kept saying he was going thru a midlife crisis and he felt something was missing. He had even told me he had started having feelings for this girl at his work, her name was Desiree (a cover for Kymber). He wanted to leave me. He said he didn’t know how he felt for me anymore. I rolled my eyes. I told him he loved me. I knew it. I knew him. He was just confused. But that didn’t snap him out of it. So I started to pack all my things. Taking pictures down from the walls. He couldn’t handle that. He said he wanted me to stay that he loved me. He didn’t want to see me go. I told him no one was ever going to love him like I did. He wanted to work on things.I told him he needed help. He went to go talk to a counselor and seemed better. However, later I would find out he had also started having s*x with Kymber after that conversation. The day after my surgery there was a tornado warning and he made a call to a friend. Making sure they were ok. Can you guess who that friend was? The rest of that day he kept acting distant and even hateful at times so I finally confronted him. I asked him why he kept acting that way. What was wrong. He started confessing. At first he said he had just kissed her, they had hung out together, and he had taken her to a videogame tournament. He admitted he was jealous she had gotten a boyfriend. To which I said that was not ok. He was acting so bizarre. I had never seen him like that. I messaged her on facebook. I told her she was a wh*re that her mother didn’t raise her right. She blocked him and I on facebook. He went crazy when I did that and then he went even more crazy when I said I was leaving him. He threatened to kill himself if I left. He started throwing and breaking things. He punched the walls. Tore down things. He even broke this little angel figurine that was our baby’s (it was very special to me because I had miscarried a couple years back). I called his mother. I didn’t know what else to do. He broke down crying. He admitted himself into a psychiatric facility for almost a week. He called me once right in the beginning. He sounded happy and doped up on meds. I went to my mothers house to recover from my surgery. During that week, well I admit it… I went crazy. I was so hurt and I just knew that what he told me was not eveything but he was in the hospital so I could not talk to him. I messaged his coworkers saying Kymber was all sorts of things.. One coworker responded and said I should get the whole story. She gave me Kymber’s phone number. I messaged her and she denied everything. She said he was the one stalking her blowing up her phone. She said he had tried to kiss her but nothing happened. I stupidly believed her. I even apologized to her and offered some advice. Fast forward a couple days. He gets out of the hospital. Says he wants to talk. He goes to pick me up from my parents house. We acted normal. I told him I wanted to visit our baby’s grave before we left town. Once there he says he wants to thank me for snapping him out of all that. He saw that I had talked to people and saw my emails. I told him I didn’t even know anything. Then he confesses that he slept with her about 3 times at first then closer to 5 or 6. He didnt know. (Later after I had found 2 condoms in his car does he finally tell me that he bought a 12 pack not small 3 packs like he had said before. He thinks that he actually slept with her 10 times over the span of a month and a half. He was afraid that if he told me the real number I would be really mad. Like I wasn’t already.) We leave the cemetery. I obviously shocked, hurt, mad, sad, confused, and thinking I wanted to leave him. I wanted him to take me back to Lawton so I could get my car and things and leave. During the week I was at my mothers I had written him a goodbye letter. I read it to him. We both cried. We got back to our apartment. I started getting all my things. He couldn’t accept that I wanted to leave. He got angry. He just wanted to forget it ever happened. But I couldn’t. I wanted to know everything or I thought I did. But he wasn’t ready to talk. I admit it, I f*cking punched him in the face. He deserved that and more. When I did he looked so scared and helpless. I felt bad for him. So we started to talk. He told me when he met her. He told me they had started having s*x in September and it lasted thru the first week in October. Then she got her period and a boyfriend but they kept messaging. Even when I was about to go into the operating room he was messaging her. He said he just had s*x with her on the couch never in our bed because he knew I would be angry about that (wtf!). We talked more I don’t remember the whole conversation. He told me what he went thru at the hospital and what meds he was on. I also confessed things to him and shared my deepest darkest secret. He accepted those things. I wasn’t perfect by far. But I also had never cheated on him. I was loyal and loved him more than he knew. I decided to stay for at least that night. I wasn’t ready to give up my life with him nor have to explain things to my family. At first I wanted him to sleep on the couch but, I missed him. I missed how he was before and he wasn’t acting all crazy or distant anymore. We went to bed and well we ended up making love. I know you can judge me for that. But you have to understand life is very complicated. Yes I still loved him. I was surprised I didn’t find him disgusting. Over the next days, weeks, months I learned more and more. At times I had to pry things out of him. There were times when I asked the same questions over and over. We fought. Things were broken. We yelled. We were violent to each other. I was going to stay. He told his mother that we were going to work on our marriage. HA! I wanted him to suffer. I tore down all the pictures around the couch he had s*x with her in. I had payed for that couch by the way. Yes he had brought her into our home and had s*x with her on our nice couch. We ended up giving that thing away. Surrounded by our pictures and trust me when I say surrounded. I had a lot of pictures up. I ripped those pictures apart in front of his face. They were family pictures, our wedding pictures, pictures from our recent trips. Some were one of a kind we had no copies. That made him so angry. He called his mother to tell on me LOL! He was going to counseling but he wasn’t doing so well in taking his meds. He said they weren’t even really helping. So he eventually stopped taking them. We went to a marriage counselor once. We didn’t go back. We both thought it was bullshit. I say that because I had always asked him why. Why did he do it. There had to be a reason. Each time I got a different answer. He was lonely. She wore tights. He was depressed. He couldn’t handle me working nights. He couldn’t handle me earning more money than him. His family and I were stressing him out. It felt good at the time. He was addicted to p**n. It was easy. She was easy. Oh and my favorite he made her o****m (stupid stupid man). The marriage counselor said I should stop asking that question I would never get an answer because people sometimes just do things because they do. Wtf. So I could go out and do stuff like say kill someone and that would be my excuse. Yeah no. But the one thing the marriage counselor said that stuck with me is you can’t run from your problems. We had talked about moving before anything had happened but we were waiting for him to get a job. He had just graduated from Cameron. He put so many applications in but they would come back with rejection letters. That was so discouraging to him. But I kept trying to encourage him. I even took him to that trip to Dallas to cheer him up. I booked us a really nice hotel in downtown and got tickets to see wrestling. He has always said that was the best trip. But that wasn’t enough. He started on his masters which later I would find out he was failing in. I tried to tell him to go get his certifications at the vo-tech. I even offered to pay for them but he didn’t listen. He didn’t want to go back to his job at Serco and have to face everyone there and he didn’t want to face her. Yes he was a coward. So we made plans to move. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to go with him. But I let him go choose an apartment. One day I decided I wanted to go meet her. I wanted to confront her. I wanted to meet the woman I had shared a d*ck with but most of all I wanted to see what kind of woman could do that to another. So I asked him about her schedule he just knew she had multiculturalism at Cameron. He knew that because he had helped her with her homework (how nice, when I asked him why he said well she gave me what I wanted….idiot). He gave me her address. Oh I should mention that I had asked him where he had s*x with her he said on the floor of our living room on our couch on this little rug I had. I made him clean everything except the rug. He washed the couch cushions with hot water. Then we made love all over the place LOL including on the little rug. Oh and we never used a condom. He always said he didn’t like condoms… f*cking liar! Anyways so I went to go see her. I had a gift for her too. The little rug. Her sister answered the door but went to get her. Man when she walked up to the door I was shocked. She looked like F**k. He had told me she looked exactly like her facebook picture in which I admit she looked like a very cute girl but d**n…. It was early in the morning so she had no makeup on. She looked like a scared little girl. I told her I knew. She kept saying she didn’t know what I was talking about. I gifted her the rug. She said she didn’t know what that was blah blah blah. She took it anyway. I told her again I knew everything. She said your going to believe him. I said yes and walked away. How was this b***h going to know who I was if she hadn’t been doing stuff. On my way back I had a good laugh. That was the woman he had cheated on me with. I mean I’m no 10… by far… but at least I look decent without makeup. In fact I barely wear anything and when I would wear a full face he would say I didn’t need it. I laughed in his face and taunted him about that b***h. One time when were fighting. I was so livid. I packed my s**t and left just to see what he would do. He was so angry. I told him I was calling the cops he was so scared. He was just outside our apartment waiting for them. I just cant understand Wtf he had been thinking. I tried but I couldn’t. Why had he wanted to throw a 6 year relationship almost 5 year marriage away for that. He had also told me she smoked marijuana which he had always said he hated people who smoked and did drugs. He also said she had some legal trouble because she was caught smoking with her friends at some federal place. Then he told me she would get drunk with her friends. Something he always said he was against because his dad was an alcoholic. So why in the world did this stupid idiotic man lower himself to such standards. I don’t understand even now. Later he would say maybe he did want to leave our relationship because he felt like he was a burden to me. He had always been a little jealous of my success and I had such a great career and job. I told him he had been no burden. I had played bills and trips and things willingly because I loved him and we were a team. He had done the same for me why couldnt I do the same for him. He kept saying he was a man he was the one that needed to provide blah blah. They both broke me. Yes he was the one who had said his vows and promised to never break my heart but she also played her part. She went into my home late at night. He willingly let her in.Watched a murder show on Hulu with him (3.5 seasons to be exact). Cuddled on my couch. Made out. Touched each other. And then f*cked. Oh but she never sucked his d or did a**l. I guess she wasn’t going to degrade herself that way ahahahahaha!!! But he did leave a hickey on her once. Then she would go to my bathroom to pee. He would flush the condom down the toilet. He would thank her and tell her he would see her at work. Sometimes during their lunch breaks he would take her to Popeyes. I found a receipt sometime later where they ordered cheesecake and mac n cheese (wtf). He would also take her to Whataburger and who knows where else. Where was I well…. I work night shift. Long 12 hours. I was working extra to pay for our 5 year anniversary cruise where I wanted to renew our wedding vows and make babies. I was ready to try again and start a family. I was also traveling to vist my parents. My mom had been in and out of the hospital for a nasty wound infection so I would go clean her wound. As much as I have asked him why. I also wanted to ask her why plus I didn’t believe that he had told me everything hes never been the best at telling stories or remembering things. So I messaged her again I asked her to tell me the truth. She again denied everything. She was a real condescending b***h in that text. She said she was a very nice person but she was tired of me harrasing her and she would call the cops if I contacted her family friends or coworkers. I told her she wasn’t a nice person. I told her what she did. I told her she could call the cops if she wanted but she would have to be the one to go up to the stand and explain what she had done. But I said fine. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with her. I told her karma would take care of her. I did not deserve this Kymber. I really am a very shy mellow person. Maybe we could even have been friends. Why did I post all of this on this website for anyone to read? Because you deserve it. Yes maybe I am a little vindictive. But I know you dismissed everything I said to your family friends coworkers. You made yourself out to be a poor victim when the only victim here is me. You made him and me out to be crazy. People deserve to know what a character you are. I’m tired of thinking about you. I’m tired of wasting my time and energy. I’m tired of being triggered by songs and movies I used to love. I’m tired of hurting. You will always be a reminder of such a horrible time in my life.

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