Haley Ashworth — Tulsa, Oklahoma

This is Haley Ashworth from Tulsa. Watch your money around this lying gold digger. She dates older guys so she can get everything she wants and she’ll do or say anything to keep the money coming. She did this to a friend of mine that she screwed out of a ton of cash and gifts. For months she acted like she was all into him and telling him she loved him and was commited to him and all this other BS. he gave her all kinds of money and paid for vacations and took her shopping all the time. Then she convinced him to give her enough money to pay off her student loan and take her shopping for a new wardrobe.The very next day she dumped him and kept the money and the clothes. She played him from the beginning and later told him she was only in it for the money. I guess he should have known better because he knew about other guys she’d gone out with for money, but still. My friend is a really good guy and he’s very unselfish and she took advantage of him bad. She’s a selfish b***h that everyone needs to stay away from.

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  1. Loan me some more money, a*****e. You won’t get none of it back you piece of s**t needle d**k slimey geek f****r. I spent the money to get rid of that disease yo gave me a*****e. but first I gave it to all your friends and your brother. By the way, his c**k is bigger than yours will ever be
    ha ha

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