Diana Simone Bean – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

My better half of 5 years (together 10 years) & father to our 3 year old child hit absolute bottom. Dejection/suicide… along comes Diana. 47 y/o 300 lb shopping center worker to the safeguard. Spouse connects for enthusiastic solace & this B needs the D! She knew from the start he was hitched with a 2 y/o infant at home yet pursued gim for a year. When I had to the chance to converse with her she says, “however your significant other adores you & your child; both of you were beyond reach to examine.” Once my better half got ratted out & stopped contact with Diana, this forlorn B begins hassling me & provoking me with photos of my 2 y/o child! I wound up with a police report & petitioned for a VPO against this insane A home wrecker. Fend off your men from the shopping center! Lol

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  1. El Vira gained some weight and invaded the body of Diana Simone, a s**t from down yonder who used to stalk a real life ken doll in the shopping center of oklahoma city. Her legend is slepping with married men or whoever will have her mossy a*s. Ken doll moved to Enid to get away from her crazy a*s.

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