Trey Washington – Columbus, Ohio

Once she gets knocked up, Trey gives her the back of his hand and moves off her couch. He’s out of there faster than a cockroach who’s seen the light. He sleeps on the couch but creeps into bedrooms for quick booty calls. He says he doesn’t want to sleep in the bed because he never had one growing up and when he gets kicked out, he goes right back to mama’s until he finds another stupid b***h to “rent” from, just a couch for weed as payment. They all end up pregnant but never know if it belongs to Trey or someone they’re cheating with for good weed, until it’s born. By then, Trey has been kicked out of mama’s crib, she doesn’t smoke reggie, she wants loud. It was loud and $20 a f**k that got her to spread her legs for Trey’s sperm donor. It cost more than that to get rid of the sexually transmitted disease she caught. She ended up with a cockroach she named Trey, because he’s the spawn of one of the three n****s she f****d that night.

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