Timothy Netters, Jr. — Fairborn, Ohio

Continuation/Update: Timothy A. Netters, Jr., also goes by Tim and TJ, is a doctor in the U.S. Air Force. As of this posting (June 2018), Tim is still living in Fairborn, OH, while he completes a program at Wright-Patterson Air Force base and is supposed to be moving to Little Rock, AR, later this year (this is what he’s told his “conquests” so actual location may vary). This story is an update and continuation of a post made in March 2019, and is ONLY being posted in an effort to ensure Tim doesn’t continue deceiving and risking the health of more women. Since the original post, more women have come forward to share their stories. Below are summaries from some of the women Tim has manipulated, deceived, and knowingly put in harm’s way.

***NOTE: All women’s names have been changed to protect their identities***

Quick timeline summary: Kim, Eva, and Mel all met Tim on various dating sites in 2011/2012 and all kept in sporadic contact with Tim throughout the years, all reconnected with Tim at various points during the summer of 2018. Sarah met Tim in 2015, dated Tim on and off from 2016 until Sept 2018, and reconnected with Tim again in March 2019. Pam met Tim online and in-person in July 2018 and they made it official shortly thereafter. All women mentioned in this post found out about Tim’s lying and cheating ways and ended all contact with him between March 2019 and June 2019.

Sarah’s Story: Sarah met Tim in 2015 and they hung out a lot and were friends for a whole year until Tim got deployed at the end of the year. While deployed, their conversations began to get a little more intimate and, once Tim returned in 2016, Sarah and Tim began to have unprotected s*x. That’s when the lies began. Tim would tell Sarah after having s*x that he wanted her to have his baby and to move with him. He would promise Sarah marriage, kids, a home, etc. throughout their time together. Tim eventually moved to Ohio, Sarah and Tim continued to date. Sarah grew frustrated with the lack of attention and communication she was receiving from Tim. It got to a point where Tim only wanted to text and wasn’t interested in talking on the phone. Sarah eventually had enough of Tim’s antics and ended things in September 2018. Sarah reconnected with Tim at the end of March 2019 and, after seeing the original post detailing Tim’s sexual exploits with multiple women, confronted Tim. Tim had no remorse and attempted to explain away what was laid out in the original post as if he’s a changed man.

Kim: Kim met Tim on an online dating site in 2012, met up shortly thereafter, and determined they were better off as friends due at that time. They would talk on and off over the years as friends, eventually reconnecting in summer 2018. Per Tim’s insistence, they made their relationship official in Sept. 2018. Throughout the months they talked about having a child together, starting a family once he finished with his residency, and even actively began trying to get pregnant toward the end of their relationship. Tim confessed his love for Kim very early on, welcomed her into his home, and made Kim believe they were building a future together.

Eva: Eva met Tim on an online dating site in 2011 and they would chat on and off for years. Fast forward to summer 2018 when Eva reconnected with Tim again and they began talking about meeting each other. Eventually, they agreed on a date and met up in Dec. 2018. The weeks following their trip Tim started in with how much he wanted Eva, how long he’s been waiting, how lucky he felt to finally have his chance. Tim flew to visit Eva for a weekend in early Jan. 2018, a visit during which they made their relationship official and had unprotected s*x for the first time. Following that trip Tim began talking about visiting Eva’s home, meeting her family, and Eva meeting his family and son. Tim even sent links for houses in Little Rock, AR, mentioned future trips together, and talked about how he wanted Eva to have his baby. Eva spent a week with Tim in mid-Feb. 2018. A couple weeks later Tim’s story began to unravel thanks to a mysterious email, Tim deactivating his Facebook profile, and Eva reaching out to two other women (Kim and Mel). After Eva tipped off Kim and Mel, all three women confronted Tim and he was, unsurprisingly, more defensive than remorseful. Even after getting caught Tim continued with his lies. He assured Eva that he only had unprotected s*x with her, Kim, and “an old friend” (several months before they slept together) and that there were no other women. Tim told Eva he deserved to be alone for awhile and was going to start seeing a therapist to figure out where his actions stemmed from, all of which were simply more tragic lies.

Mel: Mel met Tim on an online dating site in 2011 and they had s*x once shortly after meeting. They would chat on and off for years until reconnecting via Messenger during the summer of 2018. Like everyone else, Tim talked about marriage, starting a life together, and began insisting that Mel have his child. They chatted until Mel finally agreed to visit Tim in OH in early March. Thankfully, Mel received a message from Eva and discovered Tim was nothing more than a liar and cheater. She confronted Tim, didn’t get so much as an apology, and cancelled her trip.

Pam: Pam met Tim on a dating app while Tim was on a work trip for several weeks. Throughout those weeks Tim took Pam on multiple dates, wine and dined her, and began with his lies. In Aug 18, Tim called Pam in tears, told her he was absolutely in love with her, and made their relationship exclusive. Throughout the following months they talked, video chatted, and text regularly, and even began looking at places together and planning future travel. Tim promised Pam a home, kids, wedding, family, travel, and food adventures… everything she wanted with a partner. Pam would eventually come across the original BustedCheaters post about Tim and confronted him to which he responded with, “I told you, I’m emotionally broken.”

A mystery email from one woman simply read: “If only you could see his text messages… there are so many more women.”

Tim will use his career in the Air Force, his son, and family obligations as excuses for his inability to stay in regular contact and follow through with his promises. He’ll say all the right words to keep women in his grasps including making promises of marriage, kids, buying a home together, travel, etc. Tim is prone to making promises that he’s unable to live up to and will swear up and down that you’re the one, the perfect woman for him. One of his favorite tactics is to confess his love for a woman very early on or to express how a woman is the one and how lucky he is to have her. He’s gone as far as telling the children of women he’s dated that he loves them, is going to adopt them, and wants to marry their mothers. Tim is a master manipulator who uses gaslighting tactics (if you call him out for not being the man you need him to be he will flip it on you and try to make you believe you’re the problem) and fake tears to keep women caught in his web of lies and deceit. He may tell you he won’t add you on social media because its not his thing but really he’s trying to cover his tracks and make sure women from his past don’t connect with his new conquests. As far as women can gather, he’s spending more time pursuing multiple women the same time who he no intention of taking seriously than spending quality time with his own son. He is aware of the original online post and may attempt to explain that he’s in therapy and working on or has already done the work to change his ways. The truth of the matter is Tim is a womanizer, exhibits signs of antisocial personality disorder, and has no intention of changing as demonstrated by his continued lies and manipulation of other women after being caught by Eva, Mel and Kim. He has absolutely no qualms putting the health of the women he meets at risk by having unprotected s*x with multiple women at the same time and, if called out, he will show no remorse for his actions. He may say he’s sorry, that he’s emotionally broken, or something to that effect, but again, his level of damage requires YEARS of therapy. BEWARE!!!!! Dr. Timothy Netters, Jr., may appear as if he’s the entire package but the good you see is nothing but a lie. Underneath the initially sweet, respectful and handsome façade is a womanizer who uses manipulation, gaslighting, lies and deceit to get s*x and, as far as we can gather, another baby by any means necessary. For those that haven’t slept with him yet, we promise you the s*x is TRASH and not worth the headache and potential STD.

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