Timothy Netters, Jr. – Fairborn, OH Moving To Little Rock, AR

Timothy Netters Jr. aka Tim involved 3 women in his web of lies and deceit. Tim used his job in the Air Force as a cover. He began relationships with 3 women from 3 different locations. At his request, the first woman entered into a relationship with him. Then he began asking her to have his child. Three months after beginning a relationship with woman #1, Tim planned a trip to meet up with woman #2. Then through his lies and deception, eventually got her to commit to a monogamous relationship. This was 4 months after starting his 1st relationship with woman #1. He also made attempts to talk woman #2 into having his baby while actively trying to get woman #1 pregnant. Meanwhile, he began talking to woman #3 and, though their contact was only via Messenger, she arranged to visit him.

Fortunately, Facebook enabled the women to unravel everything 2 days before woman #3 was set to spend a week at Tim’s place. The 3 women contacted each other via Facebook and shared screenshots which showed Tim’s primary objective was to get someone, anyone pregnant. He was telling all 3 how he loved them, wanted to marry them and was ready to start a life together. Unbeknownst to woman #1 and #2, Tim was having unprotected s*x with both and may have very well added woman #3 to the mix had he not been caught. Tim demonstrates signs of narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder behavior and is very likely to try this again. He prefers to meet women on online dating websites and uses his job as an excuse. Tim uses empty promises of love & marriage to get women to fall into his trap.

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