Tara Wood — Cincinnati, Ohio

Today is my one year anniversary after leaving an abusive relationship with my ex-girlfriend. She is highly tempered she gets set off easily. She’s extremely jealous even though she is the one that cheats and lies. She has hit me for years. She has caught 3 domestic violence charges in this last 2 years for hitting me and it could have been more if I didn’t drop charges every other time. I just need to warn everyone She is extremely abusive and she lies and cheats and uses you for everything you have please beware.

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  1. tara got t*****s and temper tantrum. her meds dont always work and she gets violent whenever her warts flare up and the alcohols kick in. she mix the booze and the result is mixed nuts, she has multiple personality disorder and will fight a man if he’s puny like mark zuckerberg

  2. Tara is a cheater who juggles at least four sets of man b***s. She acts jealous to keep you on the defensive and from having you pay too much attention to what she’s really doing. She will go into a*****e mode in an instant, it’s just an excuse to leave and meet up with another dumb-a*s she’s “dating,” using for money. Wear protection!

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