Shane Thornton – Columbus, Ohio

Shane sings and plays guitar for his puss-puss, practices his pitch. A catnap is interrupted but the claws don’t come out, not yet anyway. If the irritable sounds continue, the caterwauling will begin. Felines make better sounding scratches on walls than those that come from Shane’s guitar. A control freak, he has f****d up a lot of tats and relationships because he’s out of tune, can’t get his fingers to work and his gun to shoot straight. Strumming takes his mind off the bootleg artwork he’s needled on many patches of flesh. Lawsuits are pending. He says the human canvas kept moving, threw him off, botched his efforts. He just wants a b***h who won’t cheat like the rest, a girl who will hold still when he wants s*x. His aim is a little off, the laughing f***s with his head as she jiggles around. He wants to be a bedroom artist but, that requires some pricking and she’s giggling, again, hiding her face in the pillow. She’s thinking of a new song she heard on the radio, wishes she could feel a real lover and sing to him, this girl wants rhythm and she can’t stop laughing. He wants p***y and the gun isn’t cocked, she’s trying to be still but, still, she wants it ready and loaded. All his misfiring aimed at her sitting duck are proof that this b***h doesn’t control the basics. Funny if it wasn’t happening to her but, d**n, this is ridiculous, she’s a sitting f**k and he can’t c**k his own little pistol. He needs a repeater or a revolver and concentration, she’s just laying there groaning, wishing she were moaning.

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