Scott Breitenstein, Child Predator of Dayton, Ohio

This white trash posing as a good Christian man is one sick pedophile. He molested my young son and tried forcing him into doing sexual favors for him and his wife Latasha Breitenstein covers for him. Stay away from these crazy crooks!

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  1. That’s the jailhouse lawyer who worked to get Dominga Rivera released from the jail where he was being everyone’s b***h and looked fruitier than most with his pink toenails and sandals. DJ was begging for canteen money, begging from his knees. Turns out he’s a real c*m dumster in real life to, claiming to be happily married to a transvestitie with three b*****s and a whopper for DJ. All in all DJ tricked his way out of jail by trading cookies and snacks to the real lawyer on the case. He also had a big check sent to a specified address because he was actually just getting used and not making much canteen. He was pretty sticky when his tranny wife bailed him out after about a week and a half. She might have done him before he got washed up, dirty b*****s

  2. The truth is more bizarre!
    This poster dropped off his son in Ohio after he couldn’t sell him to the s*x trade in Hollywood, CA. The poor kid wandered the streets until he ran into Scott outside McDonalds where he was asking for spare change to get something off the dollar menu.
    Scott gave the kid a five and thought he should have maybe given him more, the poor boy was so skinny and pale. That’s the whole story. Except who the real father is and that will be exposed as soon as the investigation is complete.

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