Scott Allen Breitenstein, Cyber Extortionist of Dayton, Ohio (OH)

This loser douchebag slanders people all over the internet, damaging reputations and hurting relationships. Scott Breitenstein charges huge sums of money to get slanderous and defamatory posts taken down, and he doesn’t care about the hurt this has caused unto others that result in ruined lives/reputations and ruined relationships. Also, he’s infamous for his revenge p**n sites. His wife, Latasha Breitenstein, and his son, Scott Breitenstein Jr, helps him along with his accomplices: Chris Hinman, Preston Lawson, Bryan Powers, Stephanie Nudds Martin, Justin Miller, Jake Lawson and Aaron Minc. Don’t pay him or any of his associates (his family members/relatives included) any money for post removals. It’s all lies! Any arbitration site recommended on his sites are cyber extortion fronts.

Address: 29 Bidleman St, Dayton, OH 45410-1917
Number: 937-274-3692

Some of the sites he owns are,,,,,,,,,,,, and There’s many more of his sites out there too.

The list of arbitraton services, cyber extortion fronts, associated with him can be found here:

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