Perry Eugene Powell – Clarksville, Ohio

Perry Eugene Powell of Clarksville, Ohio is a user, liar and cheat. He had a fiance for 10 years that helped raise his 2 youngest children. 5 &6 years old. He and his 2 kids moved in with her. He was living in a dirty barn! They had a falling out and he told me she has moved out. She has not. He physically kicked her out in June 2018! Didn’t give her a penny!!! She helps buy 30 acres of land and a house she took his kids to the doctor to school filled out all the necessary paperwork did everything a mother should do !!! He had nothing when he met her maybe a car and a tractor!! To make a long story short he was f*****g me, her, a cop named Chelsea, 2 Michelle’s, and actually had a nasty meth w***e named Erin Griffith Daniels that worked for him and f****d him giving him an STD that he, in turn, gave to his fiance. I am happy she got away from that nasty perverted piece of s**t! He told a lot of flat out lies about her and me both! Warning !! Perry will flirt and hit you up on messenger. He could care less if your married or not!! He will use you up! He used me for s*x for dirty pictures and videos and got me for $5,000. !!!!Be warned! Right now he is f*****g five different women and they have no idea about each other today’s date is January 1st, 2019!!!

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