Latisha Flint — Cleveland, Ohio

This is Latisha Flint and she has no shame in her game into ruining married people’s lives. This floozy sleeps around and has s*x with any man that will f*k her. You can not trust this floozy! She has no friends and she lives off her parents and asks for money all the time. Just stay away from this floozy.

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  1. This cheating b***h don’t even have to bend over to lick a d**k. Her tongue loves slurping on c**k, any old c**k will do. She really like the rooster d**k, holla at her and she all over you with the tongue and s**t. Nasty w***e will stick that tongue in your a*s for money.

  2. Latisha shows a n***a that tongue and it’s on, zippers unzip and she be on her knees doing the right thing. She be cheatin on another n***a but that’s how the game go, just be sure an wear a condom, she dirty and been around the block.

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