Kristin Watts – Marion, Ohio

So this is Kristin Watts… I was friends with her at one time and our friendship ended due to the amount of drama this person has!!! She’s evil! She acts perfect but she does do drugs and she also will try to steal your man… Or any man in Marion as a matter of fact!!! Just remember once you have s*x with her..go get checked… She’s 30 years old and is a bartender who moves jobs and men faster than most…she also sleeps with married men and sometimes their wives… Hide your kids, husbands, or sons because she will get them and something you can’t get rid of! Sad that such a pretty person is soooooooo evil! Stay away from the men and if you can’t, find someone who can actually handle your psycho mentality and someone who can be an actual figure to your son! But I had to put this out there because clearly no one else either sees it or doesn’t speak about it… I have watched her ruin many lives and act like a fool for so long.. hope you figure out that being 30 is a time to settle down and not be like you are!

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  1. This b***h be krazy!
    She try and steal my man and she knows he’s gay.
    We all went to school together and she just wants everything and anything and everybody and anyone. Kristins’ been this way since high school, and Marion, Ohio is not that big a town. She’s pathetic, and is reported to have gifts that keep on giving. Wrap it tight, you’re about to experience loose. She tells guys she’s on the pill and likes to go bareback, so she can feel something.

  2. At 30, Kristin is just getting started in the floozy business. Up til a year ago she was sheltered and just dated and f****d as she went along. Suddenly she had a new approach, f**k with married men and sleep with other girls boyfriends. Why didn’t she think of that before?! It’s brilliant, you get attention, no strings attached d**k and, if he’s not a total s**t like herself, disease-free c**k that’s only shared by the wife and whoever else he’s cheating with. Kristin is just getting staarted, it’ll be another 4 or 5 years before she looks over the hill.

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