Kim Boling Bowman – Liberty Township, Ohio

So, Dude got drunk because his wife kicked him out for cheating (he begged to stay). He boned Kim and is now a cheater. He maybe thinks he’s made a mistake, washes down some pain and regret with alcohol (too much alcohol), Kim Bowman arrives, they argue, he passes out and, before he rouses from the drunken stupor, she’s again jumped his bone. His friend had left Kim alone with him and can’t testify to the lurid details except for the part where he puked all over himself. Wife doesn’t want him back and Kim is willing to hold her nose and ride him like a cowgirl while he’s passed out. All I know is that’s one h***y lady, she’s being dogged by his ex but not giving up that bone and, I’d call her at least somewhat devoted to her cheating man and say she helped it happen but, d**n, ride on, if Maury’s producers see this she will be the star of the dysfunctional f*****g rodeo ! Jerry Springer might come out of retirement and write a bad check for the exclusive rights. I think it really happened, it’s too f****d up not to be true.

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