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Kate Edmondson, LE Advanced Skin Specialist – Dayton, Ohio

I went to the Kate Edmondson, LE Advanced Skin Specialist, at 1906 Brown Street Dayton, Ohio to get a full body waxing. No doubt it’s a beautiful place… It was strange because the other place I used to do the full body waxing specialized in laser hair removal, but when I got a full body waxing from Katherine, she used sticky tape. She took an extra long time removing hair from between my legs and chest and then quickly started moving toward my c**k, thats when I noticed how she was holding it and rubbing on it and giving me an erection. Kate said that it was the biggest c**k she has ever seen in her life. She said your girlfriend is a very lucky girl. She did not even ask me if i had girlfriend (I didn’t have a girlfriend, she was fishing). As she was holding the shaft of my p***s and placing the tape she said that it was “a very nice ‘jackhammer’, you could break the sidewalk with that!” I told her she probably told all the other guys the same thing; she said, “never”. Katherine was f*****g me 1 hour after we met for my initial full body wax. We started dating and it wasn’t long before she moved from Piqua to Dayton, Ohio. We used my truck and some of my friends to help her move into her new house. I ‘jackhammered’ her for about 6-months, even lent her money to use as down payment on the house and secure her loan. Once she got moved into the new place, she seemed to start distancing herself from me, only wanting to see me once a week, or so. She was high on pills and drinking every night, it was starting to cause her problems at work. I suspected there was someone else and asked her to be honest, she denied it, again. I asked another friend to make an appointment and do a little undercover investigating for me, I cared for Kate. Sadly, I was correct in my assumptions, she took the ‘bait’ and was sexually promiscuous with my friend during his visit to her salon, tried to initiate something for later. When I confronted her with these new facts, she got angry and accused me of being jealous and said that’s something I made up in my sick head. She said, leave me alone, I have enough problems, already. The worst part was when I had to see my doctor for a rash and little bumps on my p***s, she had given me HPV. Since I was exclusive during our short relationship, it could only have come from Kate. She screamed and made a scene in the street when I drove over to ask her how she could be so sleazy and dishonest. She had the nerve to say she had told me from the beginning that she was infected. Dumbfounded, I searched for answers. How could someone be so deceitful and evil? Naturally, I had to end the relationship, but expected to still be repaid on the borrowed money. She started ignoring my phone calls and finally said “f**k you,” don’t call me anymore. I drove over to her house with a witness, just in case she became beligerent, to speak with her about repayment. She was so stoned out of her gourd that I didn’t bother to confront her, she could barely walk or talk, she was obviously going deeper into addiction. I still haven’t had a penny of the money repaid. She just used me and gave me a sexually transmitted disease. If Karma is a b***h, Kate has a twin!

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