Garrett Penz — Cincinnati, Ohio

Garrett is still in the closet, likes to keep his boyfriend at home and kept a big secret. He never took me out to clubs or on a date, always claimed to be working, making another drug delivery. He sells blow and uses the money to help pay for his own habit. Get him high and in bed and he is a freak, loves to lay around and tell you his fantasies. He told me his ex was a tranny and he still sleeps with girls sometimes, but he prefers men. He’s just ashamed to be seen out on the town with a man, it doesn’t make any sense, I think he’s a cheater. I don’t know who he really is, other than a dope dealer who likes to snort coke. Bye, boy, my fantasy is to be seen with my man, not kept at home waiting for leftover s*x. Go back to your tranny, I’m going to get tested for STD’s.

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