Emily Flinker – Ohio

The moment has come. This grade A POS, the disease filled, heroin shooting w***e basket is finally where she rightfully belongs. Behind bars where her useless self can outright sit and for forever. Her days of stealing, begging for drug money are now over. Have fun in jail useless s**t. Told you for months you was on borrowed time, and my goodness that time has now officially run out.

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  1. At last! She can learn a new skill and finally be with a girl, hopefully one that doesn’t use. She can craft and take classes to get her GED. With good behavior and a little counseling she can be out in about 14-months. The using is the hardest thing she has face and get over, unless the girl/girl thing leaves a good taste in her mouth. Time will be good to her and she’ll get another chance. Life’s choices are mostly hard when faced with everyday challenges, harder for the addicted.

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