Edmondson & McMillan Skin Specialist – WATCH OUT! IT’S A SCAM!

Kate Edmondson is not a licenced skin specialist nor a doctor, she is working on people’s faces telling them she is licenced when she is not. She will even lie and tell customers she is licensed and bonded with the state of Ohio. All you have to do is go to the board website, look her up and you will see she is a FAKE. She runs 3 different scam bussiness’ scamming people for their hard earned money. She worked for a skin specialist place called Dayton Skin Care Specialists for 3 years cleaning rooms when they got done with their patients.  After she saw how much business they were doing, she just decided to open her own place, and lied about having a real license. Her scam starts off by Kate Edmondson saying she’s a Doctor and world-famous skin specialist in the field of dermatology and that she is the very best. (Kate) is paid tens of thousands of dollars in scaming fees by men and woman. Kate Edmondson happens to make a special visit to their home and gives them a free consultation. She tells you terrible things about your skin to scare you into buying her service at outrageous prices. Needed or not, she will sell you imported Chinese products that haven’t been tested by the FDA. You are a guinia pig. She used whipped pie cream in her place of business  and made $12,000 from 70 unsuspecting people who stupidly fell for her unethical sales practice. She was caught licking it off her own fingers. She brings it home for block parties. She likes the sweetness when she’s f****d up on so many pills. Her girlfriend steals them for her from her own aunt. They give her a sweet tooth and the customers eyes are usually closed. It’s a sticky mess. She orders  her lotion and other stuff from ebay and it comes from China.  The cream comes from the Dollar Store and isn’t even real whipped cream – it’s artificial. She buys it real cheap and charges customers full price. Cream and stuff she buys from China realy makes you look 10 years older, but she doesn’t know that, she never went to school! The outcome is unknown, the products have never been tested and often times contain contaminants. After 2 years of using the product, I’ve started noticing more sagging under my chin. The scariest part is checking the ingriedients, many know to cause cancer. That’s probably why they haven’t been approved for use in the United States. But, they’re cheap as h**l and the profit margin keeps Kate in her happy pills.

Do not be fooled or bullied by Kate Edmondson. She is a scam artist.
To become a Skin Specialist not a doctor you will need A four-year medical degree, followed by a three-year residency program in dermatology. This is  the primary educational requirements for a professional as a board-certified Dermatologist. However, the educational path begins by receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.

Just to be a doctor
It can take about 12 years to become a dermatologist, including time spent as an undergraduate, in medical school, and in a residency. Dermatology is one of the most highly-compensated medical specialties practiced by physicians. In 2012, their median yearly pay was $471,555.

She once ran a romance scam from her home, which lasted for about 3 years, until she got busted by a website that listed her info. This is how the scam worked:  She would create a fake account and steal pictures off of Facebook. Then she would start talking to old men telling them she was in love with them. She would cheat vulnerable men out of their life savings. Nice B***h! For months or weeks, Kate Edmondson would seduce 50 or so old men with sweet talk and promises of a future together. Then she would ask the old men to send her money so she can be with them. When victims sent funds, they sent them via wire transfers – Western Union or iTunes and Amazon gift cards – which Kate spent on her makeup and drugs and beer. And immitation whipped cream. Then she would go back on Facebook and tell the victims’ that she is on her way, that she is going to the airport to get on the plane. A few hours later she tells them she just got robbed and needed more money.  Again, so she can get there but, of course, she would never arrive. The story varied, sometimes she would be calling from the hospital and other times she had just left the police station after filling out a complaint. I found all this out after I did a Google search on her when I was preparing paperwork for the courts. She owes me thousands of dollars in back rent and for property damages. I had to call a plumber on a Sunday (triple overtime!) for a backed up toilet that she let overflow to the first floor, not even bothering to shut the water off. He told me he had never seen such a large condom, said it would fit over your whole fist! She seems to be a real idiot, too, or stoned out of her mind. She makes little sense when she speaks and was asking me if she could start parking cars in the yard. I noticed that her car is smashed up, probably drunk or stoned when she ran into something that crushed her front end. Anyway, that’s when I started finding out all this stuff about her, preparing the eviction papers for court. Unfortunately, I should have searched her name before I rented to her. Now, I see, she has moved in a few more people and they seem to be sleeping on the floor and the couch.

Kate Edmondson, Piqua, Ohio is a homewrecker that sleeps with married men, breaks up families up with children. She is HIV Infected and will infect you without disclosure. She will not tell you she is infected. Be very careful. Kate is a c**k hopper who gets around, east mostly, but seems to be everywhere a dangling c**k needs attention and servicing. A known w***e, she doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to change her ways. Spotted recently with a married man who she sent nudes to, she was hurrying away, jumped into another car and drove away with another man. Then home to her boyfriend who stupidly takes her slutty a*s back after she gets put out and has nowhere to go. Time to bounce back and wash herself off before hopping away, again, this w***e is always on the move, looking for fresh meat to hook up with and get paid.

Edmondson & McMillan Skin Specialist
1038 Park Ave, Piqua, OH 45356
Dr. Kate May Edmondson
1 937-601-7412

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