Danielle Inman – Centerville, Ohio

Danielle Inman of Centerville, Ohio). Serial cheater and Fat liar. She likes to get men to fall in love with her. She is really charming and then she tells you she can never love you that she only loves his sperm donor that gave her ugly baby. She uses everyone. She uses you for everything else. She cheats on you and tells you lies and takes your money and calls you names so that you feel like you are ugly and no one would want you. She lies and promises you things and then you find out she is cheap and doing it with some other man. She criticises you all the time. Calls you fat. I’m not fat. Calls you stupid. I run my own business. Tells you are crazy. I’m not crazy. She is also dating other men on the. she’s on food stamps and her other Joe Ford is stealing from the government. I got off work in walked in and busted her s******g 2 black men at same time. I left her, and 2 days later i am served with a protection order. She lied said i hit her and all kinds of lies. She gets evicted all time. look it up at the courts website you will see for your self. Steer clear of this w***e and don’t allow yourself to be trapped BY HER!

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  1. She so fat she cant see. she got seing eye dog an seing eyes baby she dont know who his daddy is and call him boy like tarzan baby. other black baby dont stay w*t her and other black baby taken away by chilens services for he go hungry when she sell foodstamp. this w***e got 6-babys and can only keep one til when they take him. she a real ho and dont give her you money b***h wont buy no grocries

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