Cathy Miller — Dayton, Ohio

She is nothing but a crackhead. She stays in bed 90% of the time. She lies all the time you can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. She lies so much she even believes her own lies. I don’t know how in the h**l any man can stick their d**k in this thing. She is uglier the woman I’ve ever seen in my life. She lies tells people she’s got terminal cancer. There was one time she was at the hospital call the whole entire family and said the doctor said she had cancer but when her husband talked to the doctor he said cancer no she had the bad case of diarrhea. Was another time she went to Kettering Memorial Hospital and they told her they found a pimple on her v****a. She went around town telling everybody that she had cancer in our uterus. She pops pills like candy. She is also a thief. She sucks in bed. She’s pretty much a dead f*** she stinks her p***y smells like dead carp don’t believe in douching her nasty a*s. She lies on people tell the cops that they raped her when in fact when she falling false police reports who in the h**l is going to rape that ugly thing

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  1. She babysittin’ for me while my man in jail and I works to get my suboxin and cigaretes. she’s a big help but she can’t keep her mouf shut about my man she prejudice as h**l and he ddark skin and the baby not his is only reason she will keepp him while i makes the money. My mom is a Ho that where I learned it, Cathy’s daughter.

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