Steven Tremper – Cary, North Carolina

I met this man online and had no idea he was married. He told me his Wife had died and I had no reason to doubt him. But after a few months, things he was saying to me just did not add up. I did some digging of my own and uncovered some very disturbing facts about him. One being his interest in young girls. He is in his 60s. Another fact I learned, he was fired from IBM for using their computers for his sick online sexual fetish. He now works for Allscripts in Raleigh. They obviously did not check his references very well. He sings barbershop with a quartet Let’s Sing, Harmony Grits, The General Assembly Chorus here in Raleigh and The Mastersmen Male Choir.

Early on in my relationship with him, he had no problem paying for everything, but then he started asking for money. He is very nasty when he does not get what he wants. I did get away from him, but I will never meet anyone online again. This man is very dangerous and should be locked up. I would say to anyone, do not be fooled by his Christian persona. I hope my reporting the kind of person he is here, will save another person from his nasty temper.

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  1. We had to let him go, we started noticing grafitti on the bathroom stalls and since he had just moved to this new department, we attributed these actions to Steven. It saddens us at IBM because he showed signs for someone who was still promoteable for his age. However, the sketchy scribble was Neanderthal, at best. He got very angry when he received notice.

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