Steve Tremper – Cary, North Carolina

This man is a scammer. He can say “I love you” and not mean it. It’s to get what he wants. He owes me close to $50.000. I met him online August 2017 and he seemed very caring and loving. He told me his Wife had recently passed away, and although I did wonder why he was online so soon, I just didn’t question it. I did find out his Wife is very much alive and that he had scammed her too out of her life savings, plus the house he now lives in.

When he ended things after I told him no more money, he said he had met someone else. He paid me several payments off what he owed me, then just stopped. He has left me penniless and I feel vulnerable and stupid for allowing myself to get conned. Be careful of this conman. He is not who he makes himself out to be.

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