Stephanie Renee Lail – Charlotte, North Carolina

Jared started communicating with Stephanie behind his wife’s back for about 2 months before he decided to move in with Stephanie. Stephanie knew he was a married man because she was contacted by his wife and informed he was married and was asked to leave him alone obviously because they are now living together. She did not do that, but I just want to let her know he’s already talking to his wife about coming home once a cheater always a cheater b**** you might have wrecked one family but you’ll never wreck another.

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  1. Stephanie Renee Lail – Charlotte, North Carolina
    It’s so good to hear he’s invited back home. Now that he’s shot his wild wad, he;ll be true blue and hardly ever think about Stephanie unless he doesn’t get what he wants. Hurry, have some kids before he leaves again, and don’t worry, the state will take good care of them until he comes home again. In the meantime, get a second job, and know that you’re number one with him – and she’s number one and she’s #1 and she’s numero uno and….and buy him a present everytime he comes back home. That will keep him coming back, like it’s Christmas. Get him a boat, a new car, make the return a celebration of sorts, let him know he’s number one!

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