Robert Manwarren – Mooresville, North Carolina

Robert Scott Manwarren is emotionally and physically abusive. Cheats and flirts with other women behind peoples backs, LONG history of domestic violence. Manipulative, self centered, jumps from one relationship to another. He is an alcoholic. Gets violent when drinks anything that’s alcohol and eants nothing to do with kids. Overly jealous And controlling. Even gets jealous over women spending time with thier kids and not him. He is the definition of a child. WOMEN BEWARE! If you get with him he will ruin your life! He makes promises after promises and constantly says sorry. Dont try to help him either. My friend wanted 10 years of her life showing him love and he did nothing but ruin her!

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  1. Someone dumb enough to be around this ugly Mother F****r. Looks like a
    Pedophile too. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was. He is creepy. Looks like he hit every branch on the ugly tree.

  2. Someone bumped into him at the bar and he spilt a little on his shirt. He got p****d until the man said he would buy him whatever he was drinking. Robert agreed there should be no harder than hard feelings and got a bottle of Parrot Bay and a beer chaser. He took his shirt off and was refreshed.

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