Rebecca “Becca” Polaschek – Fayetteville, North Carolina

This chick uses instagram to lure married men into her web. Doesn’t matter to her if she met the wife. No honor. She’s gross. Has calculus build up on her top teeth so thick it looks like one solid tooth.

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  1. The poster of this complaint against Rebecca knows only part of the real story.
    Rebecca’s top tooth(s) are like an electronic abacus, with calculus, trigonometry and other functions built into the solid state memory. Not only is it a piece of art, it’s capable of multi-processing; caloric intake, suggested portion sizes and more are hashed in the nano chip embedded within the enamel veneer. She came up with the initial design, herself, wowing the AP professors.
    Rebecca is very bright, an honors student, and regularly uses instagram to let struggling students know about the tutoring services she offers. She’s on a career trajectory that puts her within reach of everything she can imagine. Keep up the good work Rebecca! And, leave the married men alone – their wives need them to pay the bills at home, not venture their hourly wage on risky tech futures with concepts they aren’t capable of grasping. The babies need their daddys’ to be around more often, not working late in the lab.

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