Nicole Maxwell – Wilmington, North Carolina

Be on the lookout for Nicole Maxwell she is on the prowl at On Q Financial Wilmington because this is her hang out..Well let me tell you about this ho……..She likes to sleep with other womens boyfriends and husbands. Nicole Maxwell has a bipolar disorder and the nut does not fall far from the tree. B***h most of the time and s**t when she drinks. One day she is nice the next she is a total b***h. one day she thinks everyone likes her and the next they all hate her. She not hot at all and has Stds but the psycho side is not worth time or effort. Nicole thinks she’s g*d’s gift to men, she will do unto others every chance she gets, she swindles the elderly, she thinks she’s too good to get a job, draws welfare, always wants something for nothing, drives with no insurance and expired tag, she can’t keep her p***y in her pants, as long as you got money she will f**k you for it or steal it from you, she tried to kidnap a baby boy in the area recently because she always wanted a baby boy,if she won’t kidnap it, she will call dfacs on you and give a huge bullshit story about how much of an unfit parent you are just to get custody of your child, d**n, how low can you go? if someone takes her to small claims court, she will move and go into hiding, She doe’s meth and drinks constantly, h**l!!!! because she might try to victimize you!!!!

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  1. This is all lies, Nicole Maxwell is expecting her 3rd child and hardly ever prowls at On-Q Financial, anymore. She found a new baby daddy and they’re thrilled. The doctor confirmed it, they’re having twins. She’s secretly hoping both babies are from her new man. While she’s thrilled, she isn’t sure – since she had a car-date right around the time of conception. It was just a quickie but he didn’t have a condom. Right after she got the good news, she gave up swindling the elderly – which she didn’t feel right about. After all, they didn’t have a chance, she’s a very fast talker and got their credit card information without much effort on her part. She would always do best when she sold them promises just before their nap time. Then she quit to pursue other women’s men. Finally, she made a few changes. No more panties or bras, dresses only. The air feels good up there and access is easy. Now she’s easy and breezy.

  2. Nicole had a little scare when she was cheating on her man and f*****g 4 different married men at the same time. The big question: whose kid is it? She’s had more dicks in her mouth than the local hot-dog-eating champion.

  3. Nicole gets around town and gets under the sheets with married men or men in relationships. In other words, she’s a tramp. She likes to steal someone’s man and do marital things that are nastier than those that the wife or girlfriend does with her man. Guys cheat with Nicole because they can do the nastiest things with her and she gets “tipped” for her time.

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