Nathaniel Elliott Hill AKA Nate Hill – Asheville, North Carolina

Nate Hill made my cousin Jess homeless twice. Had no remorse for his actions. Said church didn’t approve of people living out of wedlock & played landlord to property he doesn’t own. He wants Sr pastor’s job. Did the bidding of a convicted drug felon. Cousin’s BF Barry & his friend RD told dad and me everything. We bought RV from a church shyster(Nate’s friend) thinking he was honest christian. What a joke. Now cousin lives in a shoddy, rusty van stuck & not running. Before that tent in abandoned graveyard, car that doesn’t run well enough to let it idle to stay warm & no money for fuel. Impossible to sleep in 15 degree weather with no heat. Can’t go to rescue mission(ID out of area). Nate Hill just wanted the gossiping church people to stop. Took up gossip ministry for Chasity(children’s pastor). Another joke.

Got people to pretend to be SC police, lawyers, PI’s. When she had RV, Barry & RD harassed her where she parked. Said Nate was trying to force them to get address but she has none. Said Nate was holding Barry’s criminal past over his head & threatening his job & kids. Nate got mgr buddy at retailer to oust her & call police. He had friends illegally repossess(steal) her car & say they worked for Google, follow her to Kentucky/Ohio. Nate is a corrupt liar.

According to Barry & RD Nate wants to take over church & run it like cult. He wants to return it to true pentecostal belief. That is, women are secondary to men, must always submit, no sexual relations outside the marriage bed(made that clear to us). No pants for women (only skirts preferably long), no makeup, long hair they rarely cut to honor G*d. No jewelry, no long hair for men, no shorts, women must always obey their husbands & only speak when spoken to. Spiritual gifts such as divine healing & speaking in tongues, salvation can only come when baptised. Spirit baptism, no divorce, marriage is for procreation, no clothing or accessory that might make a man l**t. No short hair on women, no tattoos, no women in leadership roles, no theater, only wholesome TV shows. No dancing as it leads to higher sexual immorality and divorce. Women should take on traditional role of homemaker, no drinking or smoking, the list goes on.

After Barry & RD told me this, it all made sense why Nate wanted Jess out. The church didn’t approve of her and Barry wasn’t at all what they taught and blamed her for him going astray. With his excessive drinking, smoking pot. None of these things were Jess’s fault. Barry was doing it long before Jess came along but the church saw it differently. The gossip just moved things along & Nate saw an opportunity to take over as Sr pastor. If this sounds crazy it is.

The people in this church Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC & Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC are a bunch of hypocrites, liars, gossips, pretenders and fanatics. They think it is their G*d given right to do what they want to someone that doesn’t follow their belief system. If that means making someone homeless that’s what they do. They do it all under the guise of righteousness and holiness. Believing the best way to help someone and get them to change is to tear them down to the ground to build them up again. According to Barry, that is. I know some of this to be true from speaking with Nate. Sr pastor refused to speak with us.

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  1. Sounds like she got a wiener instead of a winner. Upward Christian Fellowship seems to be interested in him. If that works out she can stay warm for the rest of the winter. By then she will be totally broken down if she doesn’t freeze solid on one of those cold nights partying out in the car. She could always sell it for scrap and get a bus ticket for warmer climates, but she might have to ditch him at the church doors, do a reverse elope and disappear.

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