Lisa Ellen Triplette (Sisk) — Lexington, North Carolina

Lisa Ellen Triplette is a HOMEWRECKER for sure, hands down. Broke my mom and dad up, resulted in divorce. January 3rd, 2017 my mom and dad were arguing about a woman posting a picture (like a meme) and it was an inside joke when someone’s staring at you eating pizza. She tags my dad. Well, My mom leaves there home for 2 weeks and stays with my sister to take a break, and I’ll be damned IF THE B**** YOU SEE Pictured at the top, wasn’t moved in to my mom and dads house. Yes legally Mom AND dads house have both their names on it. Paid for. Come to find out she’s been cheating with him for a good year before we even found out.

Know how we found out? Me and my mom work together and my grandma as well. My moms “ work friend “ decides to tell her that her husband is cheating with Lisa and has been for a while but she didn’t know how to tell my mom (had pictures of his truck parked at her tiny apartment) and my mom looks at my grandma (dads mom) and says how long have you known “ she says well ***** has mentioned it “ Her son hung out with my brother, her son was always at our house little did we know my dad was cheating with her… and, it’s not the first time she’s slept with her sons friends parents. She WAS married as well, she just got divorced. And now she claims she’s got the most loyal husband. Little does she know if he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you. She’s a nurse. So, Cheers to that ***** Lisa Ellen Triplette. Hope everyone sees this and knows exactly how you are. Hope you still think you came out on top. ????

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