Justin Faulkner – North Carolina

Justin Faulkner is a lying drunk that likes to cheat on women and is very controlling. He was with the mother of his 3 boys for 10 years and was super abusive the whole time. This past January his friend at work died in an accident. Two months after he died Justin started messaging the widow and telling her how her husband was cheating on her and that he was constantly talking bad about her. He also told her how she was beautiful and wonderful and deserved so much better. She was very vulnerable and ended up falling into his trap and they started dating. Unknown to her that he was still with the mother of his children. He left his kids and their mom to be with his friends widow. But after 2 months he started controlling her and would guilt her so bad for grieving her husband. They broke up but kept talking. He would tell her how he loved her and would wait while she grieved, that she was worth waiting for. The whole time he was swearing that he wasn’t seeing anyone else. Well it turns out he has been lying to her for months and has been also dating his other friends ex girlfriend and baby mama behind everyone’s back. He likes to go after his friends girls and he knew how vulnerable the young widow was and he made up all this horrible stuff about her husband to pull her away and then he just broke her down more and more all while cheating on her and lying to her. Which isn’t surprising because he cheated on the mother of his kids as well.

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