Fatimah innab aka officer innab, North Carolina

Fatimah innab an officer at raleigh central prison is a lier an a cheater. She has been under investigation for drug us and for giving an receiving love letters from inmates this is a picture I found an she told me she took it for herself wow. I know alot of women an none have taken pictures like this for them self. She has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder an lied on her application. I guess sleeping with coworkers is the only way she can keep her job. She brags about they way she treats the inmates like s*** she gets off on having control. Like not letting them eat or shower if they p*** her off. But she has so many mental issues she probably shouldn’t b working in a prison in the first place. But if u run in to her in rocky mount nc or raleigh area this is what she is really about.

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