Debbie Pinckney — Charlotte, North Carolina

Will the real Debbie please sit the f**k down. We’ve heard enough about your cheating, nasty, drug-loving a*s for a while. We don’t care what flavor condoms are your favorite to suck. We don’t care how big grandma’s house is, just go inside and close the door and stop cheating on your man.

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  1. Debbie only cheated once this week, she’s either hit a slump or she’s starting to slowly change her ways. There will still be some innocent families who will get hurt by husbands and baby daddys who want to whip it out and stick it in her mouth. Change takes time, hopefully she’s not just in a slump.

  2. Debbie read about something called pegging. She also read that some of the younger tougher dykes are starting to get payed for this type of kink play. She’s been experimenting by using her finger in some of her tricks a******s. Two popped in her mouth really fast but another guy punched her in her face. She forgot to duck and had a shiner for a week. She’s still learning and asking questions.

  3. There’s supposed to be a new cherry mint condom on the market and Debbie said she’s already tried it, it’s sweet and refreshing, she doesn’t even have to gargle between b******s, anymore.

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