Christopher Jay Perry — Gastonia, North Carolina

Chris Perry is a cheating, lying, thief. He stole money from me and cheated on me twice (that’s what I found out about probably more times). He is a loser, low life, an insecure 48-year-old man who preys on young women. He goes for girls young enough to where he could be their father. So insecure he tries to keep multiple women around at the same time. Has an explosive temper and throws things. Narcissistic and manipulative…tried to blame me for all his faults. Truly a scum human being. Some young girls have a “thing” for old guys but stay away from this thief!! That is him in the attached pic.

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  1. Chris cheated on me with a pprostitute, he said he knew her from school but he handed her money when she dropped him off two houses down the street. He then switched it up and said she drive for uber. he’s a lying cheating b*****d@!!

  2. when chris go to cheat he always wears a tie, likes to be led to the drd’s. f**k this cheating a*s needle d**k, he don’t know a good tranny when he pays her.

  3. This is funny, Chris hasn’t changed a bit. He always did like his girls young and stupid. If he could buy some beer and get a teenie to suck his d**k he was in heaven. He’s never been into finding a keeper, whores are cheaper and he likes variety.

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