Zoe Bullock — Manhattan, New York

Zoe leaves her kids home alone to cheat with married men from Tinder. Or, she just f***s them in the restroom of the bar they happen to be in at the time. She tells people she’s a model but that’s not true, she has a fantasy that she’ll meet a merman and he’ll take the time to see what’s under her seashells. No one cares, she usually doesn’t wear underwear and has a hole where her hole is, right between her legs, so she can breathe.

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  1. Zoe is flamboyant, wants to make people think she’s rich. She’s just another cheater hoping to cash in and meet someone with a job that pays enough so she can shop and tan while he’s at work, maybe meet a real man who will tear her clothes off and f**k her in his bed, while he’s at work, then dress up for dinner.

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