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Dan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Woody Allen is again coming out and asking why nobody is taking charge against her father for the years of sexual abuse she had to endure while at home with him. She writes in The NY Times that he would crawl into bed with her, and massage her, and he would take her up to the attic away from her babysitters and sexually assault her. This happened for years since she was 7 years old. Her father seems to be well protected by vested interests though. #meToo

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  1. Woody is casting for new movie called: I’ll babysit you, girl.
    He’s encouraging all little girls with no acting experience to c*m try out for his part.
    He wants all parents to stay in another room while he auditions the 6 and 7-year olds, first. Don’t worry if you hear the babies crying, they’re just acting, they want him to abuse them.

  2. He got woody for a juvenile that he adopted, secretly referred to her as tess his adopted piece of a*s. He is so delusional that he felt entitled to her little p***y because he paid for it from his overrated movie money. A real woman scares him.

  3. Grandpa Allen just hopes the bad press is forgotten and life can get back to normal, he loves his kids inappropriately, yeah, but he hopes to make up for it by babysitting the grandkids and is hoping for grand daughters.

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