Vivienne Wynter – Manhattan, New York

Vivienne Wynter is claiming she is not doing P**n, not doing p4p, is single, sober and is focusing on street wear modeling. Wont be attending van and recently posted a new stalker that looks similar to her old stalker. Apparently her probation is doing her well and keeping her off a bad path.

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  1. Vivienne Wynter, Manhattan, New York is a cover name used by Some of the Kardasians. This is a picture of Kim before ol boy started hittin it on the sextape. Don’t feel bad for her, she exploited herself to make hundreds of millions of dollars. Talent is overrated these days but dirt and dirty still sell. She laughed all the way to success and that means little these days. She has basic talent and enough money to buy lookalikes like her. This picture is actually of her in a New York City hotel, which she now owns and still uses, today.

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