Vidal Jose Febles — Brooklyn, New York

I have recently broken up with my fiance of 5 and half years as i have had enough of his c**p, he has cheated on me many times and i have stayed with him because i hoped he would change.

My ex Vidal Jose Febles has always been a cheater in all of his relationships, that is one of the first questions i asked him before i fell in love with him…but his excuse was she cheated first, but then i later find out from the ladies themselves that he was the only person cheating and they too left him after they could no longer take his c**p…

One of the worst things about this guy is that he will lie right to your face even if u got the evidence in black and white, you could catch him in bed with another female and he would still deny it… ontop of that he is mentally abusive , there have been so many times over the years where i have had a break down over his cheating and all he can do is mock my crying and tell me to get over it.

He makes the cheating and how u feel about it your problem which of course i know its not. he is very disrespectful by talking c**p to other people about me and says im crazy he even tells the females he cheats on me with that i’m crazy, then whe i find out he is cheating on me he says that those girls are crazy and he is not cheating…but they all know way to much to not be telling the truth…

When i first met this guy he was every womans dream guy ( other than his weight issue and small p***s) he totally hooked me with his charm and from that moment my life went down hill along with my bank account.

Vidal doesn’t like to work and likes to party do drugs, sell drugs and sleep alot and inbetween that he is trying to get anything with a v****a into bed..

He was born 1/17/1978 is Puerto rican and lives in Brooklyn.. ladies pls be aware of this scum rat, he is so charming and does so much for you at first but after a few months or so he will be cheating, lying, and being a lazy scum rat,

OH and one last thing when he proposed he brought me this lovely huge ring and i was totally in love with it, then i later find out he borrowed that money off a drug dealer that was going to break his legs if he didnt pay him back…so i offered to pay the guy back and when my “so called fiance” sold his car he would give me the money back…he then spent the money on his self and said SORRY honey i will give u the money as soon as i can…months went on with no sight of any cash and it got so long that when i brought it up he pretended like it didnt happen and i made it up…so not only is he a liar scum bag he will try and make u think ur crazy…i cried so much because i didnt know how someone could try and make u feel so crazy…i should have gotten out a long time ago…that is the only crazy thing about me….

There is so much more to this story and if you ever date this mess of a man pls be careful…

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  1. This piece of s**t was cheating with one of his boys. They say they were drunk and lie about what happened but some of us know the truth. Jose wasn’t the one on top when the little kids saw them through the crack in the garage window. F*****g cheating perverts.

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